10th February 2023 Newsletter – WOW, WOW, WOW!!

Thank you Agents of Change!

This week’s top news & reminders

  • What a week! Thank you for your support and generosity in so many ways. Over £1400 will be given to agencies to support the earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria. You are amazing.
  • See our Agents of Change section for a full round up.
  • PE timetable update – please see our PE section below for our updates Spring 2 timetable. Most year groups have the same days however Year 1 parents please note a change of day  – now Mondays and Wednesdays
  • World Book Day – Thurs 2nd March

  • Have a fab half-term break. See you on Monday 20th Feb!

Careers Fair – can you help, or spread the word?

We’re pleased to be running our St Mark’s Careers Fair again in February 2023! We need your help though. Can you run a stall on either 23rd or 24th Feb in the morning? Would your business, charity or organisation help? Do you know someone else who might? Find our details and sign-up here! Thank you.

  • No-Tech Day challenge. We will be challenging children and their families to take part in a day without tech on the weekend of the 11th and 12th February!  Will you accept the challenge?

Sad News

Some of you may remember Frank our dedicated and caring lollipop man. Sadly he passed away last weekend. Frank was a popular member of our school community. He was definitely an Agent of Change – making our world a better, safer, happier place. We are grateful for his service and his fun, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

And finally…

How have you been an agent of change?!

Holidays/Unauthorised Absences – Important update

Please note we are unable to authorise any holidays during term time, due to Government guidelines on attendance. We are only able to grant permission in very exceptional circumstances.
Any absence of 5 days or more will be subject to a Penalty Notice. This is enforced by Hampshire County Council; however, all administrative work is carried out by the school office team. We must stress any fine paid goes directly to Hampshire County Council  and does not benefit the school in anyway.
The Penalty Notice is currently £60.00 per parent, per child. Therefore, an unauthorised absence with two children in the school with 2 parents will incur a fine of £240.00. Once a Penalty Notice is issued, you have 21 days to make payment. It is important you pay promptly; failure to do so will result in court proceedings. Hampshire County Council will not accept any late payments. We regret once a Penalty Notice has been issued, we are unable to withdraw it, under any circumstances. Like a parking ticket, once it is set in motion, ithas to be paid, or go to court and make representation.
It is important to remember this: if you have already received a Penalty Notice for an unauthorised absence, any further absences for holiday purposes will be subject to legal proceedings, even if the previous Penalty Notice was paid on time. IE it’s not possible to have regular, successive fines each time a holiday is taken. Subsequent fines are likely to go straight to legal procedings, not just a fine. This is Hampshire County Council rules, not the school.

School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs

  • Everyone


    • No-Tech Day Challenge – 11th & 12th February
    • Half-term 13th-17th February
    • Careers Fair – 23rd/24th February


    • Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival (Year 2/KS2 Choir & Orchestra) – Sat 4th March
    • World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March
    • Non-uniform day – Thursday 30th March
    • INSET – Friday 31st March
    • Easter break – 3rd April – 14th April 

    Year Group Events

    Year 1:

    • Milestone’s Trip – Fri 24th February

    Year 2:

    • Hillier Gardens – 23rd June

    Year 4:

    • New Barn residential trip: Wed 14th – Fri 16th June

In worship this week…

Our Wellbeing team helped us to think about the 5 ways to wellbeing!

⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Ayo, Parrots – Tommy, Penguins – 

Year 1
1P – Alfie, 1M – Maddie, 1CL – Jessica

Year 2
2B – Danny, 2G – Eva, 2BB – Owen

Year 3
3C – Tina, 3T – Lola & Joey, 3SB – Maya

Year 4
4W – Eli, 4S – Luke, 4PR – Jack

Year 5
5SP – Jakob, 5DS – Lewis, 5F – Chloe

Year 6

6P – , 6B – , 6C – 

Star Reader Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Maisie, Parrots – , Penguins – 

Year 1
1P – Orla, 1M – Aimee, 1CL – Max

Year 2
2B – Joey, 2G – , 2BB – Will

Year 3
3C – Mia, 3T –  Arthur & Sarah, 3SB – Harrison

Year 4
4W – Charlotte, 4S – Olivia, 4PR – Rebecca

Year 5
5SP – Toby, 5DS – Keegan, 5F – Naia

Year 6

6P – , 6B – , 6C – 

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3C – Jackson, 3T – Robyn, 3SB – Karthik

Year 4
4W – Marley, 4S – Isla, 4PR – Sophie

Year 5
5SP – Aleiya, 5DS – George, 5F – Elouise

Year 6
6P – Oliver, 6B – Harry, 6C – Ava

Bridge – Jack & Cameron

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3SB

Year 4: 4W

Year 5: 5F

Year 6: 6P & 6B

NumBots best effort:

Year 1: Arthur (1P), Mia (1M), Kabir (1CL)

Year 2:  Prannav (2B), Elias (2G), Max T (2G)

Music of the Week!

Two this week as we missed last weeks!

Gladiator – Now we are Free: Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a German composer. He composes most of his music for films. This piece of music is from a film called Gladiator. You will also hear his music played in films such as The Lion King and Madagascar.



Pavane: Gabriel Faure

Gabriel Fauré was a French composer in the Romantic period. One of his music teacher’s was Saint- Saën who we heard from last term.

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