Year 5 – Spring 1 Learning Update

Spring 1 Learning Update – Terrible Tudors

Made by Jack T and Braden – Class 5SP



This half term we have been learning about fractions, short multiplication, long multiplication and the short division method (bus stop method).



This half term we have been learning about Spy Master (a book by Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler) and then we wrote our own story of Spy Master.   We would score this a 10/10 book and would definitely recommend you read it. After we finished that, we did a diary entry of a Tudor girl or a Tudor boy!



In PE, we did volleyball, which was very fun and a bit hard. We had to learn set shots, dig shots and one handed serves before playing some tournaments. We also did gymnastics which was a bit of a challenge but quite fun as we got to use lots of the benches and horses.



We did self portraits of ourselves and things around it that link to us because the Tudor monarchs loved portraits too. To do these, we used our own sets of sketching pencils from B-6B and applied lots of different sketching techniques. Miss Burgess also came in and did mono printing of King Henry VIII’s wives with 5SP.



In Computing, we did our own animations using Stop Animation software on ipads. We used playdough and plasticine to create animations that were tudor themed, which was very cool! We learned a new skill of onion skimming too. Ask your child what that means… it has nothing to do with actual onions!



In Science, we learned about reversible and irreversible changes. Our favourite experiment was then we put a fizzy tablets into different liquids, inside a film canister, to see which EXPLODED the fastest. We learned about how carbon dioxide was created and blew the lids off!


Horrible History!

In History, we have been learning about the Tudors and about King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. We’ve learned about King Henry VIII’s wives, looked at his portraits and learned about how he made his own religion. When learning about Queen Elizabeth I, we also looked at her portraits and why she ended up looking younger in them. She once had an artist put in prison for painting a portrait on her that she didn’t like! Can you believe that? We had to decide at the end who was the greatest Tudor monarch. Why not ask your child who they chose and why?



We have been learning about the weather and we are going to do a weather forecast in French!



We have been thinking about different colours while listening to music all linked to the Hindu Holi Festival of Colour.