Year 6 SATs – Cancelled

Dear Parents and Carers,

We wanted to confirm with you that the formal Year 6 SATs tests have been cancelled by the government. These tests, which are normally done in May, are the government’s way to assess the progress of children and schools. As a school, we fully support the cancellation.

Of course the children will continue to learn and we will do our very best to ensure they are as secondary-ready as possible. As part of this learning, we may use practice tests, SATs questions and other strategies to check and support their learning. However, it will be without the pressure that the SATS week can create. Test practice at primary can be helpful; it prepares for secondary, and is another way to understand how children are doing in relation to national expectation.

We are shortly sending out Autumn Term learning reports; these include how your child is getting on across a range of subjects. One of the reports mentions about SATs and getting ready for SATs. Please do ignore this error – it was written before we knew of the cancellation.

As always, please do contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Charles Applegate
Head Teacher

Year 6 – SATs Presentation and Evacuation Day reminder

SATs Information Evening 

Thank you to all the parents who joined us virtually for our 2020 SATs information presentation. It was great to see so many of you with us! In case you missed it, we have attached a number of useful resources below. Just click the links to download them. 

  • Powerpoint presentation – SATs-Information-Evening-Presentation 
  • 2018 SATs papers for you to see what the exams look like – we use these in school along with other previous SATs papers so please avoid using these with your children at home:

2018 Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic 

2018 Maths Paper 2: Reasoning

2018 Maths Paper 3: Reasoning

2018 Reading Booklet

2018 Reading Answer Booklet

2018 SPaG Paper 1: Questions

2018 SPaG Paper 2: Spelling


Questions asked during the evening


  • Q: Can you provide us with information detailing exactly what my child needs to know by the end of Year 6? 
  • A: We have attached below the SPaG poster which will be coming home ASAP – this shows all the SPaG terminology required for the test. We have also attached the White Rose progression map, which follows the National Curriculum, outlining what your child should know in maths by the end of KS2.

– Everything your child needs to know in SPaG – Handy Poster!

– Everything your child needs to know in Maths


  • Q: How will you assess my child if SATs don’t happen due to Covid-19? 
  • A: We will use our Teacher Assessment, just like we do for writing and science as there are no SATs in these subjects. We will practise using many previous SATs papers throughout the year which will show the children’s progress and attainment. This will be a strong indicator as to where the children are at academically. 


  • Q: Will the children be doing normal learning in the afternoons after their SATs? 
  • A: Definitely not! We try to make the afternoons as relaxed and fun as possible. Most ex-Year 6 children have loved the whole week because of this! 


  • Q: What is the Year 6 email address in case we have any questions or concerns regarding SATs? 
  • A:


  • Q: If I send my child to bed at 5:30pm every evening from now until SATs to prepare them, will you support us? 
  • A: Absolutely! You have our full support ;) 

We hope this covers everything! 


Evacuation Day – Next Tuesday 1st December!

Just a little reminder, Year 6 have got their Evacuation Day next Tuesday. Hopefully, you have all seen this date on the calendar for a little while and received the email we sent out with more information. We have attached it below in case you didn’t. Children just need to come to school dressed like a 1940s child, with their gas mask box, ready for ‘an evacuation’. 

Evacuation Day email 2020


As always, please email us at if you have any questions about SATs, Evacuation Day, or anything else! 


Many thanks,

Year 6 Team 

Odd Sock Day – Monday 16th November

During the week beginning Monday 16th November, we will be celebrating Anti-Bullying Week at St Mark’s! The theme this year is ‘United Against Bullying’. To kick the week off, we will be starting with an Odd Socks Day on Monday 16th November!


Odd Socks Day is a key part of Anti-Bullying Week! To celebrate that we are all unique, we ask that children wear odd socks to school on Monday 16th November. Last year over 13,000 schools took part in Odd Socks Day and this year, we are joining them!

Andy Day (Cbeebies/CBBC) and his band Andy and the Odd Socks are supporting the Anti-Bullying Alliance to help bring Odd Socks Day to life again this year. Have a listen to the brilliant song they have recorded especially for Anti-Bullying Week – The Kids Are United!


The day sends an important message to pupils that they should be allowed to be themselves, free from bullying and helps us celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and positive way. We will be reading a great fiction book under the Odd Socks theme this year and also completing other fun activities during the day, which will help us celebrate both our differences and our unity within our St Mark’s community.


Just make sure your child wears odd socks to school TOMORROW! 

Year 6 – Half Term Update!

We look forward to seeing our wonderful Year 6 children back at school tomorrow after hopefully having a well-deserved rest. We hope you have all had a brilliant half term break and are staying safe and healthy. 

There’s a Rumble in the Jungle

We were so impressed with the children’s enthusiastic attitude towards our project last half term. Learning about the amazing Amazon rainforest provided us with lots of fun writing opportunities.  The children created their own descriptive Amazon restaurant menus and fictional tales of unbelievable survival in this vast and inhospitable place. Their maturity really shone as soon as we discussed the global crisis that we face due to unsustainable deforestation. After careful planning, the children produced some very persuasive arguments for and against deforestation. Watching David Attenborough’s ‘A Life on Our Planet’ * towards the end of our project showed us some of the devastating effects that deforestation is causing, but more importantly it highlighted the changes that we can easily make to ‘rewild’ our planet again. From this, the children created their own poems to capture all that they had learned. We were blown away by their passion towards this and can’t wait for to you see all off their published work.

*We skipped large chunks of the documentary as we felt some parts were not appropriate. It would be great for you to watch the entire film with your child if you are able to.

Creative juices also flowed in art! Using a range of media, the children produced pictures of some of the Amazon’s flora and fauna.

Here are a few snippets of some of their written pieces and photos of their beautiful artwork from this half term. We think you will agree that we have quite a talented bunch of writers and artists among us!

SATs Information Evening

Please remember we are holding a virtual SATs Information Evening on Tuesday 24th November 5:30-6:30pm. We will talk you through everything you need to know about these KS2 assessments including showing you what they look like, how we prepare the children and what you can do at home to support them too. Further details about how to access this will be emailed out soon.

Please get in touch!

Please remember, if you have any questions or just need to get in touch with us, our email is


Many thanks,

Year 6 Team 

Times Tables and RockStars Relaunch!


As you may have heard us say many times before, knowing key facts such as times tables are at the heart of being a successful Mathematician. 

We’ve seen a lot more children log onto Rockstars over the last couple of weeks and it is great to see! After such a long time off school, some children have forgotten or have slowed down when recalling their times tables facts. RockStars is a brilliant program for helping children to learn and practise their times tables independently. By now, your child’s class teacher should have given them their log in details in case they have forgotten them, however they are exactly the same as last year.

To help promote RockStars, we will be announcing ‘RockStar Headlines’ in our weekly Celebration Worship on Friday which will celebrate achievements such as fastest speeds, those who have spent the most time playing on RockStars, how our school is comparing to other local schools and which year groups win the battles!

These were the RockStar headlines from last week:


Rockstars Headlines

Most time playing RockStars:

Year 3: Arthur D, Bethany C, Chloe M

Year 4: Liam J, James S, Iremide A

Year 5: Craig M, Charlie D, Samuel W

Year 6: Ollie R, Joby B, Bela F

A special well done to Liam in 4G who spent the most time practising his times tables on Rockstars in the entire school!


Year group who played the most:

Year 4!


Our ranking compared to other schools:

We have the 7th fastest average speed out of 30 local schools – well done St Mark’s! Can we get to 6th place next week I wonder…?


Battle of the Bands:

Year 4 beat Year 3 as Year 4 spent more time playing

Year 6 beat Year 5 as Year 6 spend more time playing


Next week, we’ll be announcing some different ‘RockStar headlines’ so encourage the children to log on and keep playing! We recommend spending around half an hour per week but some children may benefit from longer or some other activities to support them. If you are having any problems with logging on, please let your child’s class teacher know.


Learning and Testing Times Tables

In class, we have been busy designing some activities to help the children learn their times tables. We are also testing them on a regular basis and have been checking their recall right from the 2 times tables. At Parents’ Evening, you can talk to your child’s class teacher about how your child is getting on with their times tables compared to expectations. The National Curriculum expectations are:

Children should know their multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables by the end of Year 2.

Children should know their multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables by the end of Year 3.

Children should know their multiplication and division facts for the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables by the end of Year 4.

In our school system, we have split these tables into sets and the children will receive a certificate when they pass their Ruby and Emerald award. Once they complete their Diamond set, a certificate will be awarded to them in Celebration Worship as this is such an accomplishment! 

Once children know all their times tables, we have lots of further speed challenges that they can have a go at in school. 







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