Year 1 – Adventurous Toys!

The children have been very excited this week to see what their toys have been up to. The toys have been having parties, reading books, learning some Maths and even hiding under or behind furniture! The children have had great discussions about why they thought their toy came out of the toy box and which toy was in charge of all the adventures. They enjoyed sequencing all the events and writing a recount of the toys adventures.







This week we have also been thinking about addition and subtraction in our Maths learning. We are learning to count on and back single-digit numbers using resources and number lines. 


We are also continuing to practise our number bonds to 10 and using these to help us learn our number bond pairs to make 20.



Thank you to everyone who has returned the reply slip and payment for our trip to Milestones. Could we give a gentle reminder for any others to be returned by 7th February please.

Thank you all for your continued support with your children.

Year 1 Team


Year 1 Special Things

Happy New Year!

We have had a lovely start to our new term looking at our RE learning about Special Things. The children enjoyed exploring the concept of Special Things and talked about the toys and objects from home which were special to them. We then linked this to special things within the Christian and Jewish faiths. Each class enjoyed creating their own cloth for the class special table, with every child making one piece of the cloth. They look amazing!






We are continuing to develop our Maths knowledge of numbers within 20 by looking at how they are made up of tens and ones and comparing the numbers using the language of greater than and less than. We have also started to look at the story, ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ as part of our English learning where we will explore the use of adjectives within our writing about toys.

We have also started our new project, Imagination, where we will be looking at how toys have changed throughout history. A note went home on Friday asking for the children to please bring in a small toy (which will stay in school until half term) to use for our Toy Exhibition on Thursday 6th February. Please ensure they come to school in a named carrier bag or named in another way.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Year 1 Team

Fantastic end to term in Year 1!

It’s been a great end to our Polar Explorer project and the end of term. The children have loved learning about the Polar lands and have learnt lots of amazing facts for their information pages. We have been learning all about clay and created some lovely snowmen and beautiful polar animal clay tiles.

Some of our Year 1 children have also been part of our Christmas pom-pom club at lunchtimes and have made some beautiful festive inspired pom-pom decorations.

Thank you for all your support this term and we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a lovely break with your children. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year for our next exciting project.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Year 1 Team

Buzzing learning in Year 1!

Today in Year 1, we enjoyed learning lots of new facts about polar animals and the Polar lands. We enjoyed listening to Andy, who visited us to talk about the different animals that live in the poles. We found out that a polar bear’s paw is as big as a dinner plate and that a blue whale has a heart the size of a car! We were also lucky to hear from Mrs Stonehouse, who shared her experiences of the Antarctic and the penguins found there. The children loved hearing experiences from people who had visited these places and were buzzing from the knowledge they learnt.

Year 1 Team

Year 1 continue to explore!

Year 1 are continuing to enjoy their new project. We have learnt about Tom, the great explorer and written letters from him about his adventures in the North Pole. The children have also enjoyed writing postcards imagining that they have visited the poles.

We had great fun learning about Inuit people and how they have lived in the North Pole. We created our own collages of what the people might wear.

In English at the moment we are beginning to learn about information texts and will be creating our own information pages about polar animals. We will continue to focus on writing sentences which make sense and have correct punctuation. In maths, we are learning about addition and subtraction and learning to solve number sentences related to these, e.g. 10-6=4; 4+5=9. We are also continuing to practise our pairs of numbers to make all numbers up to 10. This website,, is great for practising maths skills.

Year 1 Team



What a fun start to our new project!

Year 1 had a great start to their new project when they dressed up as Polar Explorers. The children enjoyed exploring the North and South Pole (playgrounds) to find the different animals. Back in class, the children had great fun learning about the book ‘Poles Apart’ and creating their own artwork inspired by the book. They enjoyed lots of different learning such as creating snowflakes, drawing polar bears and making penguins.

Thank you to everyone for helping with the children’s outfit, they loved the day.

Year 1 Team

Polar Explorer dress up day!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday 5th November, is our Polar Explorer dress up day. The children do not need to wear school uniform and may come to school dressed as a Polar Explorer instead. Children could wear clothing such as tracksuit trousers/jeans, jumper/fleece and possibly bring a hat and scarf. Please ensure all belongings are named.

We look forward to starting our new project with the children tomorrow.


Year 1 Team

Sensational Senses Exhibition

What an amazing end to our Sensational Senses project! It was great to see so many of you during our art exhibition and for the children to share their learning with you. The children had great fun using their senses to create the artwork and hoped you enjoyed looking at it.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you next week for the start of our next project, Polar Explorers.

Year 1 Team

Reminder: please remember we are having a Polar Explorer dress up day on Tuesday 5th November, if your child wishes to dress up in clothing fit for the poles!

Beautiful Butterflies and Delicious Kebabs

The children have continued to enjoy our project this term. They have been very excited watching our caterpillars grow and turn into cocoons. Everyday, they were watching to see when they would emerge and finally they did – ‘beautiful butterflies’ were the comments from many children as they watched them spread their wings. This week, we released the butterflies and watched them as they took flight.

We wrote poems using our senses and imagining what the butterflies might see, hear, taste, smell and feel as they entered their new world. We also enjoyed recounting how the caterpillars grew into butterflies and wrote about this in our English this week.

Yesterday, we all enjoyed using our sense of smell, taste and sight when making our vegetable kebabs. The repeating patterns the children made on the kebabs were fab, they smelt delicious and all the children said they tasted ‘yummy!’. It was great fun. The children enjoyed writing their own simple recipes for their kebab, so they should be able to tell you how to make them.

As the children approach the end of this project, we would like to invite you to come in and see their artwork in the small hall on Wednesday 23rd October, 8.30-8.45 am.

Thank you for all you support.

The Year 1 Team

Using our senses!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had great fun exploring our sense of sight. We have learnt about primary colours and how to mix them to make secondary colours. The children enjoyed using their sense of touch by finger printing to help mix and paint mini-beast pictures and then embellish them with pens.

We have continued to explore our sense of sight by looking at our artist of the moment, Giuseppe Arcimboldo who used fruit, vegetables and flowers to help create his artwork. The children loved using images of fruit and vegetables to create their own artwork.

In English, we have learnt about ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and retold the story in pictures, oral retells and writing. This week, we are going to continue our learning about poetry and write our own poems about what we like to eat.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our maths workshop and class visit, we hope you found it enjoyable. We know the children loved sharing their learning with you. We look forward to sharing more of our learning with you in the future.

Year 1 Team

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