Fun learning in Year 1!

We’ve started our new project last week by learning about the trees around school. We had great fun exploring how they were similar or different by looking at the bark and colour of the leaves. The children loved creating their own leaf person and then writing an adventure that they went on.

ASDA also came to visit us last week, bringing with them seeds to plant. We were all excited about planting our very own sunflower seed and are waiting for them to grow so we can bring them home to pot out and grow even further. If you have a permission slip regarding the photographs taken by the school when ASDA visited then please return asap if you wish to give your permission.

As part of our learning this term, we will be creating some settings for our story writing. If you have a shoe-box spare at home, then please send it into school by Wednesday 19th for your child to use as part of their learning.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team

Flower Power Fun!

What a busy half term it has been! We have all had great fun learning about our project Flower Power. It was wonderful to see so many parents, grandparents and friends of Year 1 at our Outcome Event on the last day. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing all their learning with you and exploring the school grounds with their new knowledge of flowers and plants. Thank you all for making the time to come along.

Year 1 Team

Arts and crafts fun!

Year 1 have been having fun this week with our Flower Power project. We have been developing our sketching skills through drawing still life flowers.

We have also been having fun developing our sewing skills in order to make our seed bags. We had great fun designing them and then practicing our sewing. Finally we got to make our designs and are ready to show you at our outcome event.

We’ve been having great fun this half term and look forward to sharing our learning with you on Friday 24th May at 2.30pm.

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Flower Power

What a great time the children are having learning about flowers and plants. They have enjoyed exploring our school grounds, looking for plants they can identify and name and creating fact files about them. We have begun learning about a book called ‘Footpath Flowers’, where we will be writing our own story for the wordless book. The children have been having great discussions about the big idea, ‘Is it right to pick flowers?’.

In maths, we have been learning about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using this to help us count sets of objects and group them into equal sets. We will be learning how to double our numbers up to double 10 and practice recalling these facts quickly over the coming weeks.

For more information about what we are learning this term, please take a look at our Project newsletter and knowledge organiser, which came home earlier this term or see below.

Reminder: please could you ensure your child’s PE kit is named, as we are finding many missing parts of kits with no owner. Could we also ask that you ensure your child has a full PE kit with them in school everyday, as sometimes we need to change our PE day due to the weather. Thank you for your help with this.

Year 1 Team


Flower Power!

Welcome back to the summer term. The children have had a busy week learning about our RE unit about authority. The end of the week saw the start of our summer project, Flower Power! The children were very excited to pop to the meadow alongside our school and explore the plants that were there. It was great to have Paul with us too, to help inspire our learning about all the different plant species and wildlife.

We had great fun learning the names of some of the plants and seeing if we could identify them using the photo-cards. We also looked at some birds nests who use the plants to build their nests. We learnt about the different wildlife that like the plants and the importance of looking after the area for them.

Back in school we continued our learning about ‘Flower Power’ by creating flowers using our artwork skills. We used our folding, painting, drawing and sticking skills to make flowers for our classrooms.


To end our day we visited Year 3, where we found out about what they had been doing for their homework as it was all about plants. We had great fun looking at all their amazing creations and look forward to sharing our learning with them later in the term.

The children are very excited to explore our new project and we look forward to sharing all our learning with you at the end of the term.

Year 1 Team

Mrs Armitage is on the move!

Year 1 have had great fun this term learning about Mrs Armitage. We read her book and then wrote our own stories about Mrs Armitage on a different vehicle. Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed learning about how to make pictures move using pivots, hinges and sliders. The children designed their own moving picture based on the vehicle in their story and then made them using card and collage materials.

Over the last week, the children enjoyed learning about our RE unit of Happiness and Sadness. The children learnt about how The Easter Story is both happy and sad and explored how they might feel about different parts of the story.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our learning this term and look forward to our new projects after Easter. We hope you all have a restful and fun Easter break with your children .

Year 1 Team

Recorder fun!

KS1 were delighted to listen to the talents of the recorder club during a worship last week. The children shared their music with us all and it was great to see so many children enjoying learning a new instrument. Thank you Miss Hall and Miss Jamieson for all your efforts.


Year 1 Update

It’s been a busy time in Year 1. We have continued to learn more about different modes of transport and how they have changed throughout History. In English, we have been reading the story, Mrs Armitage on Wheels and have been having great fun thinking of different vehicles she may like. This week we will be writing our own versions of the story and thinking of what changes the vehicle needs. See if your child can retell you their story?

We had great fun on World Book Day. Thank you to everyone who helped dress the children in different costumes – they all looked fab! We enjoyed creating our own book front covers in Year 1. Can you tell which books we recreated?

In maths we have been busy learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Maybe your child can show you how far they can count?  We have also been exploring length, weight and capacity. The children have had great fun exploring this area of maths inside and outside the classroom.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team

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