Safeguarding Update February 2024

What would you do?

If a child talks to you about a nude/semi-nude, what should you never do? What should you do?

(don’t look at any pictures; reassure the child; speak to a DSL immediately).

Remember Confidentiality

Don’t put yourself in a difficult place- be careful what you post, who you befriend, and what pictures you share. Remember confidentiality is key.

In school, at Sainsburys, online … wherever

CPOMS – recent reminders

  • Where appropriate, use blank under “SEND” category, as opposed to “_Behaviour”. This was an Ofsted issue for us.
  • Physical Intervention used? Click the blank and complete the magic form.
  • Violent Incident? Click the blankand complete the magic form.
  • blankUse the Body Map if you notice a mark or bruise on the body.
  • Need a new category? Just suggest it to DSLs.


Consent must be given by a parent for a school to share information about their child with another agency.

(false, if it’s to do with safeguarding)

Who helps to lead safeguarding?


Reminder of Key Terms

DSL – Designated Safeguarding Lead

LADO – Local Authority Designated Officer

KCSIE – Keeping Children Safe in Education (Safeguarding Bible)

PREVENT – Government drive to prevent radicalisation and extremism.

Filtering – stopping unwanted content getting through

Monitoring – knowing what is getting through and doing something about it.

Indicators of change…


Asking a child open questions