Year 2 – Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning Year 2 

Good morning,

We hope you are all really well today and are ready for another day of learning! Keep your lovely work coming in to; we love hearing from you! We are so proud of you all.

Tuesday is a tricky word to spell so you might like to practise this today as you work. Remember the ‘u’ and then the ‘e’. This useful mnemonic may help you to remember it: Two unusual emus stay digging all year! Good luck today and remember to have fun!


Have a great day,

The Year 2 Team


In English today, we will be using the book ‘If you’re not from the Prairie…’ as a stimulus for exploring our local area and what makes it special. The book beautifully describes what is special about living in the prairies. For today’s tasks you will need to think about what is special in our local area. What would others who don’t live here not know about Basingstoke or Hatch Warren?  Could it be the roundabouts? The maze at Beggarwood Park? Our School? The Community Centre?  Where is special to you and why?  

Task 1: Use Google Maps to locate your house and other parts of our local area. Then label features of our school. school map

Task 2: Jot down a list of things that you think make our local area special. 

Task 3: Watch ‘If you’re not from Prairie….’ using the password linked video below. Now try to write your own version: If you’re not from Hatch Warren, you can’t know the ………………… OR write some sentences to describe what is special about our local area. You could even draw some pictures too!

If you’re not from the Prairie… video link:

[passster password=”StMarksYoutube*”]



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Task 1: school map


Today in maths, we are going to be continuing our work on our addition and subtraction topic  using the White Rose maths resources. Today’s lesson with explore comparing number sentences, and will allow your child to draw on the knowledge they will have previously developed in Year 2, embedding their understanding of addition and subtraction.

Concrete resources can again be used to support your child in working out the answers to the questions provided, and aid understanding, however your child may be able to complete some or all of the sheet through other strategies such as drawings or mentally. Just complete as much as you can. 

As with the other maths lessons shared, there is a video to help explore this concept, as well as an activity sheet to complete. You can then check your answers using the answer sheet provided. Please click on the first link below to access the White Rose page, before completing ‘Lesson 2’ in ‘Summer Term – Week 3’. Please email us if you have any questions regarding this. Good luck!

Year 2 – Summer Week 3 – Lesson 2

Year 2 – Summer Week 3 – Lesson 2 Answer sheet

Daily Maths Challenge


Today in art, we are going to be using the work of Andy Goldworthy as a stimulus to create our own nature inspired work. You may like to use the Government’s Oak National Academy video below to get you started with how to go about this task or you can use the powerpoint to learn about him.

The idea of the task is to get you looking closely at your local environment as you go out for your daily walk (or in your garden). You could either collect some items on your walk or use what you see to create your own Andy Goldworthy inspired work like the ones below. He uses items from nature such as leaves, flowers and twigs and arranges these in special ways to create his art work. If you can’t leave the house today, you could also create your own art work using items that you can find in your house like Lego, toys, fabrics, fruits and vegetables. Have fun and be creative!

blank blank blank blank blank


Oak National Academy Lesson on Andy Goldsworthy 


Bye for now!