Year 4 Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

We hope everyone is well and is enjoying learning about earthquakes. This is a new area of learning for us all and it is very interesting. We are curious to know what an earthquake feels like, but they are very rare in the UK and only tiny shakes if they do occur. Today you will be finding out about some of the most dramatic earthquakes that have happened across the World.

Tomorrow is a special day remembering 75 years ago when World War ll ended in Europe. Mrs Happy’s mum was a little girl then and she remembers a piano being tied to the back of a lorry and her Aunt playing it in celebration – how funny! Everyone will have lots of opportunities to find out more about what happened during this time and do some activities so that we can celebrate and remember.

This is the last post we will be doing on the web page as after the long holiday weekend, we will be uploading the work to Google classrooms. The kind of work we will be doing will be much the same, just through a different platform. 

Hope you have a lovely long weekend and learn a lot about VE day tomorrow,

From Miss Goddard, Miss Hardy and Mrs Happy


Maths – Pounds and Pence

We have included both lesson 3 and 4 on today’s post as tomorrow is a special day to mark VE day and there will be no Maths set. The lessons fit together well as they are both about how we use decimals to record money. We will leave it up to you to decide whether to do lesson 4. You could do it as an extra lesson today or to break up tomorrow’s learning. Understanding how to record money is an important life skill. Remember we only use a £ sign or p sign never both. Also think carefully about the importance of 0 as a place holder. No one will know if you write £1.5 if you mean £1.50 or £1.05 and that could mean you loose a lot of money.

Here is the White Rose link to both lesson 3 & 4, remember it is Summer 1 week 2.

Daily Maths Challenge

For children who are completing their Maths with ease, and who would like further challenge, Miss Goddard’s ‘Daily Maths Challenge’ is available. If you complete today’s work and would like to access it, please click here

English – Research about a significant Earthquake in history

There have been many significant Earthquakes in history. Significant because of their size, due to the fatalities they have caused or even because of devastation to buildings. Your task, and some new vocabulary will be explained today in the first Youtube video

Once you have chosen the Earthquake (or tsunami) you would like to focus on, then see if you can find out the answers to the following questions. You can record your findings as answers or write them into full sentences like Miss Goddard’s example. 

Where did the Earthquake happen?

When did the Earthquake happen?

What was the magnitude of the Earthquake?

Was there a tsunami also?

If so, how big was the seismic wave?

What devastation was caused?

How many fatalities were there?

What was the cost of the damage?

Were there any significant buildings which were damaged?

What were the effects on humankind?

How did the effected people rebuild their lives?

Your topic work is about presenting these findings, so make sure you watch the second Youtube video to find out about some creative presentation ideas after you have completed your English.

Art and Creativity – Presenting your research in a creative way

Now you have all your research, we are going to think about some creative ways which you could present your findings. Have a watch of the second Youtube video which may give you some inspiration as to how you present your work.

You may to present your work on: a poster, a folded leaflet or an open out booklet. You could even use flaps just like in your big cat poster last week. To encompass the Earthquake theme, why not see if you can use some of the crack effects like in the video to make your work look eye-catching. 

Miss Goddard has chosen to use a poster and the cracked title effect to present her findings

Video Resources

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The End!