Space Day Fun on Wednesday 20th November


Just a quick reminder that we have our Space Day on Wednesday this week (20th November). The children are welcome to come in non-uniform (or any space related clothes if they have them). We will spend some time at the beginning of the day making space themed hats and accessories. Please don’t send children in any special clothes as we will being doing lots of art based activities during the day (including paper and paste), and whilst we will wear aprons, we wouldn’t wish the children to ruin any clothes that are special to them or you. Thank you for all of the bottles and newspapers you have sent in. Please keep sending in any newspapers as we get through lots when we are doing our paper and paste.



On Friday, we gave out parts for our Christmas Nativity, which we are all very excited about. We will begin our rehearsals on Monday this week, so if your child came home with lines to learn then we would really appreciate your support in helping them to learn them. We asked the children what roles they would like to do and have tried our best to match parts according to what they said, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, with 90 children it can be tricky to get this spot on for each child. If you have any concerns, please speak to your class teacher. We will aim to get costume letters home to you by Friday. We do have some costumes in school for key nativity characters and we will let you know if this applies to your child’s part.


Homework was also given out on Friday and is due in on Friday 22nd November. We send this homework home every two weeks, but children are encouraged to continue using RockStar Timestables every week and to practise their spellings each week. A number of children are missing their homework books in each class. If you could double check at home for these then that would be helpful.


As I’m sure you are aware, we have made a few changes to our reading scheme. Each child should now be bringing two individual reading books home and a library book each week. The Oxford Reading Tree Book will be the book that your child reads with an adult in class and this will then be exchanged for another book from the scheme. The Big Cat book that they bring home may be swapped on a daily basis. We would like to encourage you to read as much as you can with/and to your children at home. It really makes a substantial difference to their learning and academic progress, as-well as instilling a life-long love of reading. It really is one of the most important things you can do for your child and is lots of fun too!


We look forward to seeing you at one of our Christmas Performances on 9th, 10th & 11th December. We would also like to invite you into classes as you drop off your children on Tuesday 17th December (8.30am-9am) so that the children can share some of their learning about space and ‘Fantastic Explorers’ as part of our project outcome.


Thank you. Please pop and see us if you have any questions.

The Year 2 Team