Showcasing Year 5 Creativity

We would like to start by saying thank you to all the parents and family members who attended the children’s outcome this morning. The children were so proud showcasing their work and certainly enjoyed the quiz as they were able to retrieve the knowledge they have gained through this project.

North American Weaving

During our project, the children learned that there are or were many indigenous tribes within North America such as the Inuit, the Mayans and the Navajo. Each child chose a tribe to focus on and researched this tribe in order to gain knowledge about the materials and colours which would have been traditional in their tribe. From this, they made a mood board and designed a weaving pattern before gathering the raw materials to create their very own weave. The results are stunning – take a look!



Illustrating Picture Maps

This term, the children studied the artist Mizielinski by observing how they use line and colour in their picture maps. The children practised using line drawings and were taught how to use line to create texture. In order to create their own map, the children voted for a country of North America which interested them and then used what they had learned across their other subjects to inform their illustrations.

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What a wonderful term we have had – we wish you all an enjoyable and festive Christmas.

Year 5 Team