Keeping a sense of routine at home…

This is really challenging, but very necessary. School thrives on routine, as do children. We definitely recommend talking with your child about keeping home time as normal as possible during the week. It’s not holiday time, but can feel like it for children.

Engaging the children in the timetable can really help it to succeed too. Give non-negotiables, but also give choice.

Why not make and keep a reward chart for each activity completed? Or earn time towards technology or a favoured activity?


There are ways that the school day can be replicated at home. Below are two suggestions that may be helpful to you.

If you have come up with a timetable, please take a picture and email it to us, so that others can benefit. Thank you.


School Time Normal School Day Activity (depends on year group) Home suggestion
Pre 8:30am Wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, brush teeth, Same
8:45am Walk to school, registration. Go for a walk if able, or some sort of exercise.
9am Worship, Maths

Serving others- why not draw a picture or write a letter/email to someone who is isolated? Think of the smile!

See year group page for maths work. Practice counting/timestables. Maths puzzles etc.

10:30am Break Break
10:45am Reading, Writing

See year group page for English work. Reading books. Writing a book review.

Break this up with creative activities.

12pm (ish) Lunch Lunch

Project work – art, music, PE, D&T, Computing etc. Practical work.

Creative activities

Fresh air

See Year group page.

Lego time, Arts & crafts. practice instrument. Cook.

Take a break.

3pm (ish) End  


A suggestion from Twitter…