Partial closure Friday 20th March and (limited) details about next week

Dear parents and carers,

We will be operating the same procedures tomorrow as we have done most of this week. School will be open on Friday to the following children only, assuming they are not unwell:

  • Year 6 pupils and their siblings
  • Year 2 pupils and their siblings
  • Children who are not able to stay at home because of parental work commitments.

What about next week?

We are trying to work out what the government’s messages actually mean in practice. They were sketchy on the detail, and this makes decision-making difficult. Head Teachers around the country are trying to make decisions based on little information, and it is challenging to do!

We will be in touch with requests for information about key workers very soon. Please respond quickly when these messages are received.

Please note that staffing will still be a challenge and we will be operating a very, very limited service.

Further information will follow soon! Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best wishes, Charles Applegate