GC Day 1 – 10 things we have learned together

Thank you for your patience today. We’re getting there! A few things we have learned…

1) Not seeing any classes when going into Google Classroom? Make sure you are using the right account, not your phone account. You will need to switch accounts using the profile icon or the three-bar menu. Correct one ends in stmarksce.org.uk. ****

2) Can’t login in? Password not working? Simply complete the form here: www.stmarksprimary.net/reset  If you’ve not registered yet, go here.

3) Remember, once an assignment/question/quiz is done, don’t just close the browser, but click on ‘Hand In’. This lets the teacher know you are finished so they can mark and respond to it. It will come back to you as ‘Returned’ meaning done!

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4) Always aim to submit work through Google Classroom, and not by email (where possible). Again, saves teacher’s time. In an assignment, you can upload any attachment type, including a photo. Click ‘Add/Create’ on the assignment page:


5) The children at school (key worker children) may sometimes take part in the weekly Meets. It’s a tricky staffing and logistical problem that is much hard to solve because of lock down and social distancing. But we will make sure there is virtual contact with teachers somehow.

6) We will aim to provide work as editable google docs as much as possible. The Whiterose maths is unfortunately PDF, though.

Google Meet reminders….

7) Please do not take photos of the children on Google Meet – they are not for sharing, and your child’s account may be suspended.

8) When on Google Meet, please don’t click on ‘Present Screen’ – this is for the teachers to do!

9) Google Meet – being blocked from entering? Again, make sure it’s the right account. Switch to the school one! Ends in stmarksce.org.uk ****

10.1) We won’t share or re-post Google Meet recordings. unfortunately if you miss the session, that’s it. This is for safeguarding reasons.

10.2 ) Help videos may help! www.stmarksprimary.net/gc

**** Most problems are because of the fact that a phone or laptop or tablet or iPad already has multiple accounts on it (e.g. gmail, hotmail, icloud etc), and so when you are in Google Meet or Google Classroom, it tries to login using those accounts. But to access the school work and meets, you need to ensure it’s using the @stmarksce.org.uk account.