June 2nd – Video & important information about reopening

As some children return to school in a limited way, please can you read the following. We hope the video helps children in understanding what school will look like!

  1. For children returning tomorrow, you must complete this form before tomorrow please.
  2. If your child isn’t feeling great in the morning for reasons other than anxiety, please do err on the side of caution. If a child comes in unwell, it really does create problems for the bubbles.
  3. Is there something that we need to be aware of? Perhaps a significant event like the loss of a loved one? Please let us know via email or calling the school, if we’ve not already been in touch.
  4. Children should wear sensible clothes, albeit non-uniform. It’s not a disco, so please dress appropriately for school!
  5. Have there been any medical changes for your child? Please let us know immediately.