Year 3 – Red, White and Blue Project Home and School

Can we take this opportunity to say thank you for your support so far this week and bearing with us as we have moved to live teaching for key worker children and those at home. It has been lovely to see so many of you joining our lessons and meets from home. We want to feel like a class, year group and school community and you have certainly helped us to achieve this.

Daily Meets:
9.30am – We will take the register and then teach the English session. If you can’t make this slot you will be able to access the pre-recorded lesson instead but we would love to see you and have your ideas shared with everyone too. Please ensure you have your book and pencil ready to work. You should be sat at a table so you can complete your writing as we teach.
11.30am – This is a drop in session that is available for those that may need some help, want to share something with one of the teachers from Year 3.
1.05pm – Afternoon register and story time – we may sometimes use this for quizzes, introduction of afternoon activities or other live lessons. We will have a celebration worship every Friday where we will celebrate someone from home and at school.

Handing in work:
Please ensure your child hands in their work when it has been completed by clicking on ‘Handing in’ work. We will have LSA’s and teachers giving feedback and RP’s. You can complete in your books, take a photo or by editing the Google Doc/Slide. Please do encourage the children to read the comments and support that might be given by staff as this would be beneficial to their learning.

Printing of work:
We are doing our best to ensure that there are documents online for those children who don’t have access to a printer. We are not expecting you to print everything we set – children can complete straight into their books if needed.

Resource packs:
We are aware that you may not have all the resources and equipment at home that you may need. We are making packs of resources for those who may need them. This will include their school pencil cases, resources and books for English and topic work. We will set a date to be able to collect these after school this week.

Google meet Rules:
Can you please share the google meet rules below with your child before Monday. Thank you.

Finally, we would like to share some of the wonderful work from our home learners this week. We hope you like them. Thank you again for all your support and kind words that have been emailed in. If you do need to get hold of us, do please email us at


Mrs Boyle, Mrs Spiers, Miss Tamblyn, Mrs Parker and Mrs Gregory