SATs this week

Dear Parents and Carers,

And so we are here: the week of SATs.  A huge thank you for your continuing support at home.
During the week of KS2 SATs – 9th to 12th May, the children of Y6 are able to come to school a little earlier (from 8:20am onwards) in order to enjoy a breakfast bar or piece of fruit with their peers. They may just want to come along and chat so the snacks are not compulsory. The Y6 gate will be opened for them to enter at this slightly earlier time. Snacks will be available from 8:20 until 8:40am. If possible, a voluntary contribution of 50p per day would be appreciated but everyone is welcome whether they can contribute or not.
Coming a little earlier sometimes helps them to get settled in a calm way and eases stress as they chat with friends. We will also have some mindfulness colouring in and activities should they like to do some.
It is all completely optional, though we do encourage children to be here in plenty of time before gates shut at 8:50am. If possible, we would like all children to arrive before 8:40am each day during the week.
Due to having sufficient adult support for all our learners this year, the tests will be sat in one sitting (not in two separate groups as has previously been done). We are so grateful to all other year groups at St Mark's for making this possible and feel it is the best option for our current Year 6 learners.
The timetable is attached for your reference.
Please pass on to your children how super proud we are of their dedication so far. Remind them they have nothing to worry about, but a few nerves are normal. We know they are incredible individuals who will not be defined by a test. We know many of them will enjoy the tests and relish the opportunity to prove just how much they know and how far they have come despite the covid years. Friday afternoon will be a great time to relax and congratulate each other.
PE this week:
We aim to have a PE session on Tuesday (afternoon) and Friday (morning) but it is not essential for children to wear PE kits on these days as long as they are wearing sensible shoes, they can take part. We do not want children panicking over whether they need  to wear PE kit or not on test days. School jumpers are to be worn each day.
If you have any questions, please ask and we will do our best to answer.
Thank you again for everything you do to support your child at school,
The Year 6 Team