12th May 2023 Newsletter – SATs, Chickens, Bees and more

This week’s top news & reminders

SPORTS DAY: We’ve sent out an email this week regarding Sports Day and a reminder of your child’s team colour. Click here for more info.
Year 6 SATS: We are so proud of the children. They had a brilliant attitude all week and worked so hard. Whilst the tests weren’t easy, they really made us proud and showed all of our learning behaviours. Go Year 6!
Parent Feedback: If you didn’t get a chance to read the results of our Spring survey, click here.
Ticks: In the last 3 weeks, we’ve had 2 parents report ticks on their children. Worth keeping an eye out as the weather improves.

Farm Update

How’s it all going to work? We’ll soon release a booking system that allows you as a family to book a slot at weekends and holidays to come in and feed the animals and spend time with them. It’s easy-peasy, and lots of fun. We’ll give you all the instructions, and a code to get into the side gate. You’ll also get to keep the eggs laid by the hens. The guinea pigs and rabbits should be in by half-term. During the school day, the children will have opportunities to visit the farm too!

In case you were wondering, the bees weren’t part of our plan… but thanks to Mrs Davis for sharing her expertise as a bee keeper.

A massive thank you to:
  • Your FOSM donations, which is making all of this possible.
  • Our parents who helped out on Wednesday to progress the farm work
  • A local family who donated our 2 child-friendly hens, the coup and all resources.
  • Mrs Barbour, Mr Calver,  and Mr Parker for their efforts all week.

Basingstoke Day – can you help?

Like our French Culture Day, we’re having a celebration of the diversity of ethnic cultures within Basingstoke. This will help the children understand that they are part of a wider and fascinating world, and celebrate the amazing cultures we have in our town. We’re calling it “Basingstoke Day”, and it will take place on Friday 14th July. We would love to hear from any parents and families from a variety of cultures, and would be prepared to get involved. We know from the success of our recent French Day that language, art, music and food might all play a part in this – but there is so much more that we might explore, and we would love to invite local people into the school to share their culture and country. There is a huge diversity of cultures now in Basingstoke, which has enriched our community so much in recent years. If you think you might be able to help, please let us know via adminoffice@stmarksce.org.uk

Things to remember for the next school week

Who? What to remember? When?
All Census Day menu choices form – here Fri 12th May


Upcoming special events in the next 2 weeks

Event Name What is required? When?
Sports Day Team colour t-shirt Fri 26th May

Pastoral Drop-In Session

The St Mark’s pastoral team will be hosting a parent and carer drop-in session every half term, each with a different focus.blank

Our next parent drop in will be held on Monday 22nd May 8.30-9.30am in the church. We will chat through the different strategies we use in school under the umbrella of a therapeuric approach; many of which can be transferred to the home environment. 

Mrs Delves and Mrs Elms will also be on hand with a cup of tea and a biscuit to talk through any concerns you may have. Younger children welcome too!

Meet the team here: Pastoral team

FOSM Updates

Sponsored Walk Details

A brand new event to highlight the importance of exercise, bring families together and help raise money for the school!

When: 21st May, from 1pm. 
Details: The route will start and end at school but will involve a 2.5km or 5km route utilising footpaths and parks around the area. Each participant who crossed the line will receive their very own medal. Decide your distance on the day. Bring your family and friends and lets raise money for our school! Departure times will be set close to the day with the first wave leaving at 1pm. Can’t make the date? Enter anyway and walk your own 5km walk at a time that suits you.
Important: This is not a running event and all children must walk with an adult.
How to enter: Register here before 5th May

Regular FOSM Information

Coronation Day follow-up news!

What a wonderful coronation wall the children made – on display in the office foyer! Each class recreated an important part of the coronation event to represent:


Mr Dobel kindly donated 7 teddies to the school –  one for each year group as a memorabilia for the King’s coronation. The children also took part in different activities in our St’ Mark’s Fair. Winners are named below. 

Here are the winners from the Teddy Bear competition:

Image preview

Other winners:

  • Guess the weight of the crown – Actual weight was 2457 – Winner Alfie 4S with 2450
  • Find the Crown Jewels – Winners Edward 4PR/ Max 2G/ Mia 1M/ Harry 6B

School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs



  • Bank holiday – Mon 8th May
  • Sun 21st May – FOSM 2.5/5K Walk
  • Fri 26th May – Sports Day
  • 29th May – 2nd June – Half-term


  • 15th – Basingstoke Day

Year Group Events

Year R:

  • 30th June – Bucklebury Farm trip

Year 2:

  • 23rd June – Hillier Gardens trip

Year 4:

  • Swimming lessons w/c Mon 17th April – w/c Mon 22nd May

  • Wed 14th – Fri 16th June – New Barn residential trip

  • If your child(ren) usually has free school meals and you would like some support with covering the extra food costs, please contact Vicky Elms (v.elms@st-markscofe.hants.sch.uk) so that we can arrange a food bank voucher on your behalf. 

⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Cooper, Parrots – Avery, Penguins – Thomas & Lucas

Year 1
1P – Gabriel & Edward, 1M – Albie, 1CL – Harley & Lettie

Year 2
2B – Max & Thomas, 2G – Anabelle & Max, 2BB – Lucas & Stephen

Year 3
3C – Alexa & Jessica, 3T – Leo & Noah, 3SB – Alfie & Evie

Year 4
4W – Freyja & Keya, 4S – Poppy, 4PR – Cameron & Isobel

Year 5
5SP – Josh & Oscar, 5DS – Bethany & Zac, 5F – Freya & Renee

Year 6



Quietest Class!

KS1: Parrots

KS2: 3SB

Star Reader Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Ruby & Zander, Parrots – Hallie, Penguins – Grace & Isaac

Year 1
1P – Heidi & Zoe, 1M – Noah, 1CL – Daniel & Matthew

Year 2
2B – Katie & Milo, 2G – Oliver & Isabelle, 2BB – Kylara & Aiden

Year 3
3C – Tina & Jackson, 3T – Amaya, 3SB – Alyssa & Malaika

Year 4
4W – Marley & Ella, 4S – Thomas & Brogan, 4PR – Sophie & Isabelle

Year 5
5SP – George & Florence, 5DS – Elliott & Taya, 5F – Elouise & Naia

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3C – Jackson & Elizabeth, 3T – Benjamin & Lola, 3SB – Karthik & Armaan

Year 4
4W – Emily & Abigail, 4S – Jack & Ivy-Rose, 4PR – Lucas & Isabelle

Year 5
5SP – Aleiya & Seth, 5DS – Zach & Manuel, 5F – Chloe & Elouise

Year 6
6P – Logan & Isla, 6B – Riker & George, 6C – Eunice & Alastair

Bridge – 

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3C

Year 4: 4PR

Year 5: 5SP

Year 6: 6P

NumBots best effort:

Year 1:

Mia L (1M), Isaac (1M), Max A (1CL)

Caleb (1M), Sadie (1P), Ruth (1P)

Year 2: 

Yousha (2B), Ayaan (2G), Owen (2BB)

Daniel (2B), Joey (2B), Daniel (2BB)

Music of the Week!

Fur Elise Jam by Piano Guys

This is a modern twist on a very well known piece of music by Beethoven. The Piano Guys are an American group who gained popularity through YouTube, where in 2011 they began posting piano and cello compositions combining classical, pop, film score and original music.

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