1 December 2023 Newsletter

A note from Mr Applegate

What a week!

Our Year R children have been amazing in their Nativity performances. Well done! We look forward to Years 1-6 in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you for attending and supporting our Christmas Fayre last week. A really festive and fun event. You raised £6,213.37 for St Mark’s! WOW! A special thank you to the FOSM team – Dave, Paul, Vicky, Philippa, Terri, Claire, Lindsay, Lee, Hannah, Nina, Cheryl, Nicola and Sarah. We salute you :)

Have a great weekend, Mr Applegate :)

Ofsted Update

A heart-felt thank you for your support for St Mark’s this week. We really have felt the love from you as a community. The online feedback was incredible, and it was noted that the high levels of responses and positive feedback was both exceptional and rare, so thank you. 

The inspection was robust and thorough. The report itself will be out after Christmas once it has been through all the processes and the result has been ratified. It was an ‘ungraded’ inspection, meaning that our current judgment of ‘good’ would’t change unless significant concerns came up.

We’ll be in touch!

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Pupil Safety First

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Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 97.0%. Great!

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Farewell to Stromness by Maxwell Davies

This piece was composed in 1980 during the Modern era by Scottish composer Peter Maxwell Davies. Maxwell Davies lives on the Orkney Islands and Stromness is a town on Orkney.

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