26 January 2024 – Newsletter

A note from Mr Applegate

We’ve been thinking about volunteering this week in worship, and shared with the children about governors, school helpers and also those who help with Cubs, Brownies and so on. They were inspired!

Thanks to everyone for their support of the Disco tonight, in whatever capacity. A gentle reminder about parking and respecting local residents. And FOSM – you are amazing :)

Children’s Mental Health week is Monday 5th Feb. Here’s a great leaflet to get you thinking.

A reminder about Safer Internet Day on Tues 6th Feb; this will be non-uniform and children are encouraged to wear something orange if possible – the colour of Safer Internet Day.

Have a great weekend, Mr Applegate

Prime bottles/hats etc

blankA reminder that school isn’t a place for logo’d items like Prime bottles. Thanks!

Book a farm slot

Farm updates

  • We have new locks on the cages – just put the code in and then pull down to release.
  • For those doing an evening booking, please remove the chicken food and put it in the shed. No need to feed. If you are doing a morning slot, return the chicken food to the shed and ensure it’s filled up.

Children’s Mental Health Week 

From 5th – 11th February it is Children’s Mental Health Week.  This year’s theme is ‘My Voice Matters’.  Our Wellbeing Champions will launch the week during our Monday Worships.  Here is a leaflet from the Charity Place2Be with some top tops for families.  

School Car Park

If you have permission to use the school car park or are using it to collect children during the school day and can not find a marked bay to park in, could you please make sure that you park on the LEFT side of the car park. This ensures that there is always space for emergency services to use the car park in the event of an emergency. 

  • 1. Free Webinar – Understanding Sensory Processing and Integration in Children – click here – watch anytime!
    2. Free Webinar – Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder  Wednesday 31st January – click here
    3. Free Youtube video – What is Co-regulation, and why does it matter? Click here.

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⭐ Attendance Updates ⭐

Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 96.2%. Oh no :(

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Music of the Week

Gymnopedie No. 1 by Satie

Eric Satie was a French composer and pianist. He composed this, the 1st of 3 gymnopedies, in 1888 during the Romantic era.

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