Summer term learning in Year R: ‘What an adventure!’


We hope that you have all had a good break and the children enjoyed lots of Easter fun! We certainly enjoyed our Easter themed learning just before the holidays and it was especially lovely to see our Year R children spending time with their Year 6 buddies at the Easter event. We are looking forward to arranging other opportunities to meet with our buddies during the Summer term.

For the whole of the Summer term our topic is ‘What an adventure!’ After this first week when we are focussing on RE and the concept of ‘belonging’ we will begin our adventure with an imaginary hot air balloon ride. Once we are off in our balloons we will visit the UK, the Amazon and the African plains this half term before continuing on to the Great Barrier Reef and then up into outer space during the last half term.

You can find out more about our topic and other learning for this half term in our newsletter here.

We are looking forward to travelling the world with your children! As always, information about what we have learned day by day will be shared on your child’s ‘walk and talk’ board.

The Year R team