5 July 2024 – Newsletter

A note from Mr Applegate

Well done to…

  • Our amazing FOSM team for putting on an incredible summer fair last week. They raised an incredible £5,900. Thank you to everyone on the team, and Dave for his leadership. And thank you for your generosity towards our school, including those who gave their time and resources for free.
  • Our 100+ musicians who performed brilliantly on Wednesday in our annual concert. They were so good, and we are so proud.


  • Got Muscle Power? Help us out on Thurs evening by moving a few bits from Chineham to St Mark’s. Details here.
  • If you bring in any medicine, it must have the presciption label on it (or the box), and an adult must bring it in and complete a form.
  • Year 6 parents – see end of term arrangements here.

Mr Applegate :)

Year 6 Cake Sale for All


FOSM Summer Disco

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Look after our animals!

We need your help!

Police will be called

We’ve had disturbing reports of parents and residents being highly challenging and also offensive towards other parents and children recently. Reported offenders include a man in a white van and a woman in a white Mercedes. I am advising anyone (including residents) to contact the police and council directly, as well as informing us, to report these incidents, as they are simply not acceptable. Whilst parking is highly challenging, repsect and decency should be the priority, especially in front of our children. What sort of world are we showing them?

We’ve also had reports of damaged cars with the offenders just driving off, such as in the photo below. If you committed this offence on Highwood Ridge, please get in touch – it’s the right and decent thing to do.


Back to nicer news…


Emily (3SG) – competed in her Team Gym competition on Saturday and she won a bronze medal.

Riaz 4SB – danced on Monday with her team (Basingstoke academy of dance) in the large ballet group section at the World Dance Cup in Prague. They are 8th in the world for their section. They exceeded expectations by qualifying at this age, the group also was only put together less than a year ago and were the only dance school from Basingstoke at the competition in Prague. 

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Our target over the year is 97%. Last year’s attendance was 95.8% – above national levels, but we’d like it to be much higher.

Our current attendance percentage is 96.0%. Oh no :(

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Jurassic Park by John Williams

This is the main theme written by John Williams for the 1993 Science fiction film. John Williams is an American composer who has composed music for over 75 films! 

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