Welcome to WebReps

WebReps work on various IT projects around school. The jobs they get involved with include:

  • keeping the laptop trolleys tidy and ensuring the laptops are charged
  • training their year group on how to look after the laptops
  • noting problems with computers and informing the IT technician
  • writing some updates for the school website
  • writing some updates for the TV in the school foyer

WebReps meet fortnightly with Mrs Robinson.

Year 3 – Samuel

My name is Samuel. I am 7 years old my class is 3CB. My favourite food is spaghetti but I don’t like tomato pasta. I love watching Basingstoke Bison’s Ice hockey matches and also football. I play Hockey out of school and I love it.

Year 4 – Sophie

My name is Sophie and I am in Year 4, class 4EH. My teacher is Miss Hardy. I have enjoyed the new school year so far and I am excited for the rest. I have a little sister who is 5 and is in Year R class Puffins. My favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise or pizza. My favourite things to do outside of school are dance or swimming. I have two cats called Bumble and Gizmo. My favourite animal is a panda. I also play the guitar.

Year 5 – Connor

Hi, I am Connor and I am from South Africa. I love the Golden Mile and I am fast at running long distances. My favourite sport is RUGBY! I play for a rugby team called Basingstoke rugby football club.  I love lots of different foods and my favourite food is pizza. I have two cats called Twinkle and Twilight. My hobby is reading and I love Bear Grylls books.

Year 6 – Tilly

My name is Tilly and I’m in year 6, I started WebReps in year R and have been doing it for nearly 7 years. I absolutely love it and wouldn’t choose to do anything else. I have 2 older siblings, 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs. My favourite food is macaroni cheese and I love to play tag with my friends. I’m in class 6P and my teacher is called Miss Pettitt I love being in her class because she is kind, caring and very encouraging when me and my class are working. I love writing, reading and just having fun. I’m loving the year so far and I can’t wait for upcoming exciting things!

Year 6 – Imogen

My name is Imogen and I am 10 years old. I enjoy having the responsibilities in Year 6; one of which is being a WebRep, which I have done for several years. My job I would like to have in the future is being an author. I think I have the skill and imagination to do what it takes to be one. I have two siblings; an older brother and a younger sister. Currently, my teacher in Year 6 is called Miss Goddard. She is a really fun teacher to be learning with. I love being a WebRep and I hope to have a good last year as one.