End of term fun!

What a fun end of term we had in Year R! Last week we had an egg-cellent time celebrating Easter with lots of crafts and activities related to Springtime and New Life.

The previous week the children walked to Sainsbury’s with their Year 6 buddies to buy a hot cross bun and on the way we were spotting signs of Spring. All the children were extremely well behaved and represented St Mark’s beautifully.

That same week Farmer Chris came from Miller’s Ark farm, bringing a selection of different farm animals, including some very cute lambs, piglets and goslings. He shared a wealth of knowledge about these animals and the children we all able to get into the enclosures and stroke each animal.
Both of these activities enabled us to make links between the New Life that Springtime brings in the environment, and the New Life celebrated at Easter.




Geese, ducks and rooster

In other news the staff have been busy revamping a few of the learning areas in the unit, sprucing up our writing and small world areas and creating a new Maths Zone for the children to work in during Discovery Time. The children are already getting stuck in, exploring number through their play and further developing the mathematical vocabulary we have been working on this term.

Maths Zone

Small world area





Writing area

We hope you have a restful Easter break and look forward to next term when we are off on a journey around the world!

Happy Easter,
The Year R team

Year R Update

We’ve had a fun few weeks in Year R. Last week we rounded off our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic with a visit from the Fire Service and the Police on the same day! The children were very excited to be able to ask questions, look at their uniform and equipment, and have a turn to sit in the fire engine and police car.

This week we have been learning about dinosaurs. We explored clay to make our own dinosaur fossil tile and have also been enjoying lots of stories, crafts and other activities linked to dinosaurs. The children have been so enthused by their learning that we are going to continue the theme next week.

Thank you for all your efforts with your children’s Book Day costumes. The children all looked amazing and enjoyed the day, especially the ‘Booky Breakfast’. It was lovely to see so many of you here, thank you.

*Please note that as of next Monday (11th) we would like all PE bags brought in on Monday mornings and we’ll keep them all week, sending them home on Friday. This will allow us to be more flexible with our PE slots.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year R Team


Chinese New Year

Remember tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese New Year and the children can wear a red piece of clothing to school with their uniform. This can be as simple as a hairband or socks.

The children will be tasting Chinese Food in the afternoon. Any questions or concerns please speak to your child’s teacher.

Many Thanks,

YR Team

Spring Term 2019

The children have been sent home with two letters today – they are both important about the first week back in January. Here is the information as well.









Dear Parents / Carers

The week after Christmas in Reception we are learning about things that are special to us and linking this to our RE topic of ‘Stories Jesus Told’. We would like the children to bring in a story book which is special to them.

These must be brought in on the first day back to school as we are using them that day.

Please can children wrap their book in paper so they can unwrap in school with a friend.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Year R team

We wish you all a very happy Christmas! Enjoy your family time!

See you in 2019


Amazing Year R

We are so proud of all the children and how well they performed in their Nativity play. Every child tried their best and teamwork was at the centre of the successful play. Thank you for all your support with costumes, learning lines to say and all the songs too.

We have returned to normal lessons now and we will start back with PE on a Tuesday morning from next week. Please send the children dressed in their PE kit at the start of the day with their uniform in the PE bag. Outdoor PE is weather dependent at this time of year so all children need to have shorts, joggers, t-shirt and PE top every session please. Girls need to bring socks too as feet get chilly when they take their tights off!

Thank you for your continued support.


Reminder about dress down day 30th November 2018

Raising Hope Dress Up Day – Friday 30th November 2018

As you will have seen in the Newsletter, tomorrow we are re-launching our work with the charity Raising Hope Foundation. The children can come to school dressed in the Ghanaian flag colours – red, yellow, green and black.

However, it is our dress rehearsal and therefore the children will be changing independently first thing into costume. They need to be able to take off their own clothes so please choose carefully, especially tight fitting jeans. Also if they cannot undo and do up laces please don’t send them in lace up shoes.

Thank you for your support with this.

Nativity Costumes and words

Some reminders please:

Costumes due in Monday please in a named bag.

Angels: please can you send the children’s white PE round neck t-shirt to keep the children warm under their angel dress. Also on performance days Mon 3rd December, Tuesday 4th December and Wednesday 5th December could the children who are angels wear white knickers if possible please!

Shepherds: Please send in your child’s PE shorts to wear under their costume.

Spiders: We need to attach ‘spider’ legs to the children’s T-shirts. If you would prefer us not to, please talk to your child’s class teacher. And if you would like to be creative over the weekend and make your own legs that would be fabulous!

Song words to Away in a Manger:

The children are finding the second verse tricky…please help practice the words just to the second verse.

The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes,

But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.

I love thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky,

And stay by side until morning is nigh.

If your child has a part with words, such as narrators or a main character, please can they practice over the weekend. They are doing really well, just need to be louder please!

The children are all doing such a great job- they can’t wait to show you how amazing they are on stage!

Thank you for your continued support,

Year R Team

Year R Change to PE

Due to Christmas Rehearsals there is no PE for the next three weeks. Please do not send in your child’s PE kit. They need to be in school uniform tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

We will be taking in costumes for the Christmas Play from Monday 26.11.18. Please put your children’s costume in a named bag.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Marvellous Me

Can you believe our children have been in school for a whole half term? We are very proud of the confidence they have shown settling into school life and building new relationships with adults and peers.

We have been very fortunate this week to welcome a team of volunteers from Unum Ltd. The team of volunteers spent all day with Mr Carter painting, repairing and tidying up our outdoor area. The children are looking forward to being able to access all the revamped and repaired areas but especially ‘the forest’ which until now has been a little too overgrown to access.

Within our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, children have enjoyed discussing their own development as they have grown. They enjoyed sharing photos of themselves as babies though some were less keen about tasting and describing baby food! Yuk!

As well as looking at our past, children have also been looking forward to the future. Our week focusing on ‘When I Grow Up’ revealed a whole variety of job aspirations ranging from a firefighter to a unicorn.

We wish you all an enjoyable half term and look forward to welcoming the children back for another fun filled half term leading up to Christmas.

The Year R Team

YR Reminders

Please send a photo of your child as a newborn, young baby or toddler into school on Monday morning. The children are using these for an activity. Thank you if you have already sent one in. We have had great fun guessing who is who with the children.

PLIMSOLLS – please check your child’s plimsolls over the weekend as many are too big for the feet wearing them! Often you need to go smaller in size than normal shoes. It’s really hard for the children to run in PE wearing shoes that are so big they fall off. Plimsolls need to be a snug fit please.

We have sent Our First Class photos to the Basingstoke Gazette and they should be published in the week either Thursday 11th October or Thursday 18th October. You will then be able to purchase a copy from the Newspaper directly.

The children have amazed us again this week with how much they have achieved. Look out on the school newsletter to see who was rewarded with Star Learners in each class.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Year R Team

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