Year R Change to PE

Due to Christmas Rehearsals there is no PE for the next three weeks. Please do not send in your child’s PE kit. They need to be in school uniform tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

We will be taking in costumes for the Christmas Play from Monday 26.11.18. Please put your children’s costume in a named bag.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Marvellous Me

Can you believe our children have been in school for a whole half term? We are very proud of the confidence they have shown settling into school life and building new relationships with adults and peers.

We have been very fortunate this week to welcome a team of volunteers from Unum Ltd. The team of volunteers spent all day with Mr Carter painting, repairing and tidying up our outdoor area. The children are looking forward to being able to access all the revamped and repaired areas but especially ‘the forest’ which until now has been a little too overgrown to access.

Within our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, children have enjoyed discussing their own development as they have grown. They enjoyed sharing photos of themselves as babies though some were less keen about tasting and describing baby food! Yuk!

As well as looking at our past, children have also been looking forward to the future. Our week focusing on ‘When I Grow Up’ revealed a whole variety of job aspirations ranging from a firefighter to a unicorn.

We wish you all an enjoyable half term and look forward to welcoming the children back for another fun filled half term leading up to Christmas.

The Year R Team

YR Reminders

Please send a photo of your child as a newborn, young baby or toddler into school on Monday morning. The children are using these for an activity. Thank you if you have already sent one in. We have had great fun guessing who is who with the children.

PLIMSOLLS – please check your child’s plimsolls over the weekend as many are too big for the feet wearing them! Often you need to go smaller in size than normal shoes. It’s really hard for the children to run in PE wearing shoes that are so big they fall off. Plimsolls need to be a snug fit please.

We have sent Our First Class photos to the Basingstoke Gazette and they should be published in the week either Thursday 11th October or Thursday 18th October. You will then be able to purchase a copy from the Newspaper directly.

The children have amazed us again this week with how much they have achieved. Look out on the school newsletter to see who was rewarded with Star Learners in each class.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Year R Team

Year R PE

The children in Year R have had one or two PE sessions this week depending on how long they are at school for. We have been very impressed with how most children can get themselves dressed. There are a few children finding this quite hard though and need to practice at home please. We do encourage children to try and put on their own clothes and be independent, so if they can start to get themselves dressed at home this will then in turn help at school.

On a Tuesday it can be helpful for the children to come dressed with their shorts under their jogging bottoms to be quicker being ready for indoor PE. Please ensure the children are wearing their plimsolls as they come in to school and that all shoes are named.

If your child wears earrings they ideally should be removed at home for that day, or if they cannot be removed then they have to be covered with tape provided by home. This is for your child’s safety.


Amazing Year R

We are so impressed with how the children have settled into their first week at school. The children have come into school happy and positive, organising their own belongings independently. The children have begun to navigate around the 3 inside classrooms as well as outside in the year R area. The children who have stayed for lunch have managed this very well and are enjoying their lunchtime play on the playground. They are separate from the rest of school at the moment and we will gradually integrate with the older children when we are ready.

PE days will be Tuesday and Friday. We will send home PE kits today and then the children will need to come to school on Tuesday in their kit with their school uniform in their named bag to change into. Please name everything.

Cool Milk have now updated their lists with all children under 5 and these children will automatically start receiving milk within the next week. You will need to opt out if your child does not like the milk once it has started. If you are already receiving milk this will continue including the over 5’s if you are paying.

Please check you phone numbers are correct in the office. You will have included this information on your green form, but update where necessary in case we need to contact you if your child is ill.


Year R end of term updates

We are coming to the end of a fantastic first year in your children’s journey at St Marks. They have matured, made new friends and have made such a great amount of progress.

We hope you enjoyed looking at their books and art work at the open afternoon yesterday.

PE kits will come home today and not be required again this term.

Year 6 Buddy picnic – all children will require a packed lunch from home on Thursday to eat with their buddy.

Plastic bag – please provide your child with a named carrier bag on Friday to bring home art work and some school books. Other books and learning journeys will remain in school until October half term when they will then come home.

Reading books and Library books are being collected in this week ready for an audit of school books. Please ensure these are brought into school as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your support over the year. Enjoy the summer holidays.

Year R Wedding

The children have had a fantastic afternoon and all have made a super effort with their outfits. Thank you parents!

Here are some of the photos from the big day! Zoe and Cody were our bride and groom with Ashdon as the best man. Bridesmaids were Millie, Lara, Chloe, Freya and Sophie. Mother and Father of the groom Amelia and Charlie.Mother and Father of the bride Max and Florence.

Everyone else were guests at the wedding. We enjoyed a wedding breakfast of iced biscuits and squash.

Friday Year R wedding and additional PE

Due to Sports Day next week we are having an extra PE session on Friday morning. Please send your children dressed in PE kit to school on Friday. They do not need any school uniform this day as in the afternoon they will change into their Special Clothes for the wedding! Please send your child’s special clothes in a named carrier bag.

If you are finding it tricky to find the correct plain colour t-shirt please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for being so flexible with these changes.

Mrs Tickle

A fantastic day at The Lookout

What a fantastic day at The Lookout. The children were all brilliant today – they behaved beautifully and showed St Marks at its best. Well done to everyone.

Thank you to parent helpers who came with us.

In the first week back we are learning about Special Clothes in RE. Can all the children please bring in a photo of themselves in special clothes they may have worn to a party, a wedding or other celebration on the first day back.

On the Friday 8th June we will be hosting a wedding in Year R and the children will be asked to bring in a special outfit to wear in the afternoon. A letter will go out on the first day back to school with further details.

Enjoy a restful half term.

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