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Help videos below:

  • Introduction with key questions answered
  • Setting up GC on an iPad/iPhone
  • Using GC on a computer and mobile
  • Saving/printing docs on a computer and mobile

How do I use it?

  • Login and go to the classroom tab
  • Find the correct day
  • See each task – some are just instructions, others require a response!
  • You may need to ‘submit’ or ‘hand in’ the work.

How do I login on an Apple or android?

  1. You need to add the account first. This is usually easiest done by going into the settings and adding a google account (this is the child’s email address ending in You may be asked to accept the conditions and also reset the password.
  2. Once the account is added, then install the Google Classroom and Googel Meet app from the AppStore or Playstore.
  3. Then go into Google Classroom and ensure you are selecting the right account. You may need to select ‘I’m a student’. You will then see two classes.
  4. For a help video for iPads or iPhones, watch this, or more info here.

10 things we learned about GC – day 1!

Read a helpful post here – tips and things to look out for when starting using GC.


Quick Google Classroom Introduction

Setting up GC on an iPad / iPhone

How to use GC on a mobile

Ho to use GC on a computer


Save or print out documents on a mobile (if you have a wireless printer already connected)

Save or print documents from your computer


Google Classroom

A few common issues and questions:

  • How do I login? on a computer or use the app.
  • Need help with passwords? Click here and complete the Reset Password form.
  • Not yet registered or received the password reset link? Check your spam/junk folder first, and then click here.
  • Logged in, but not showing any classes? Switch your Google account to ensure it’s the school one, not your personal one.
  • Need help? Watch an introduction and help videos here.
  • How do I give in the work? No need to email it, just click on ‘hand-in‘ or ‘submit’. The staff will then take a look, and then return it.
  • Can I still do work on paper and submit it? Yes, this can be done through G/C. Watch the help videos to find out more.
  • Why the change? 4 main reasons: 1) Improves communication and feedback of learning. 2) Safer 3) More efficient for teachers 4) Website requires high maintenance from teachers & staff, losing valuable child support time.

Google Meet blank

  • What is it? Our online video meeting app
  • Are we still Zooming? No, but we’re now ‘Meeting’ using Google’s inbuilt tool called Google Meet. Zoom is now replaced by Meet.
  • Is it safe? Yes, because we have more control over it and requires a school login, it is safer.
  • When will it happen? At least once a week – see the schedule here
  • What do I need? The same as zoom – a computer or mobile. Yes, it’s free, and there is an app from the AppStore or PlayStore. Search ‘Google Meet’

The key benefits of Google Classrooms are:

  • Work is posted and handed in on the same website, removing the need to send an email in with attachments.
  • Tasks can be presented in a more user friendly way, with attachments and Youtube videos next to the task.
  • We can keep tasks on Google Classrooms for a longer period than on the website.
  • Feedback can be attached directly to the piece of work.
  • Google Classrooms has a shared ‘stream’ where staff can post messages and stay in touch, and children can respond.
  • Google Meet is built in to the service so class video meetings can be arranged much more easily and will not require codes and passwords emailed out by the office.
  • No need for printing resources, or reduced need.
  • Note that GMail will be disabled as messaging can be done within Google Classrooms.

blankParents, please complete this form to use Google Classrooms.

The sooner the form is completed, the quicker we can return the login details, and so you can practice logging in.

Google Classrooms is a safer and comprehensive learning environment, and includes Google Meet – an improved and safer version of Zoom.

Click here to complete a form to request a password reset.

This is the weekly schedule for Google Meets online. See the help videos for details of  how to login to a Meet.