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How can we as parents and carers help our children to grow up emotionally healthy and full of resilience? Find out more on this page.
We will also keep this page updated after each session – sharing PowerPoint slides, resources, links and videos!


About H@H

What is HeartSmart@Home?

We all want our children to become confident and emotionally healthy. But sometimes they can struggle with this, and it’s hard as parents to help them.

Being HeartSmart means being aware of 5 key principles which really help children to be well rounded, emotionally healthy young people. The principles are focussed around: loving themselves, looking out for others, not holding onto hurt, not trying to be someone else, and being able to keep on going when things are tough.

If you’d like to help your child become more HeartSmart, and develop the HeartSmart principles in your home – and of course have lots of fun together – then do join us in our exciting new programme, HeartSmart@Home!

HeartSmart@Home consists of 6 free practical sessions at St Mark’s. You’ll learn about the HeartsSmart principles in a creative and helpful way alongside your child. Between 1.45pm-2pm, come to the main hall for a quick cup of tea or coffee. At 2pm, the session starts with a talk about one of the HeartSmart principles. Then at around 2.15pm, your child will join you to do a fun activitiy together, focussed around the same principle. Afterwards, your child will return to class, and we’ll finish the session by setting a fun homework activity or game to do together with your child. All before the end of the school day!

All sessions are free, and will be hosted by Mrs Spiers and Mrs Poole. We do ask that you come to all 6 sessions. The sessions will be on Tuesdays from 1.45pm-3pm:

  • 10th January 2023
  • 24th January 2023
  • 7th February 2023
  • 21st February 2023
  • 7th March 2023
  • 21st March 2023

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of staff about this, you can email Mrs Poole and Mrs Spiers using the Year 5 email address – Year5@stmarksce.org.uk – just pop ‘HeartSmart@Home’ as the subject line.

Places are limited, so do get in quick – please sign up by Tuesday 6th December! We anticipate this being really popular!

What is HeartSmart?

Find out more here!