Spring Inter-class Challenge 2018

Before Easter, each year group held an inter-class competition. See the winners below!

Year Description of Event Winning Class
Year R Egg and spoon competition – the children had to balance their egg on the spoon down the course and not drop it. The winners were the class who didn’t drop the egg. Parrots
Year 1 Inter-Class Country Dance Competition 1C
Year 2 Multi skills relay race including football dribble, bean bag carry and ball bounce. The children completed each race 3 times and the fastest time won. 2R
Year 3 Golden Mile ‘lap-off’ 3C
Year 4 Football-Passing Challenge 4T
Year 5 Football Match Challenge – the class with the most goals scored won! 5P
Year 6 Pok-a-Tok Challenge – Mayan ball game (can only hit the ball with elbows or knees through a hoop) 6P