First day success! Hand sanitiser anyone?

It was a brilliant first day! One of the many highlights was seeing the children simply enjoying playing together outside in their classes. Just lovely. Thank you for all that you’ve done so that today ran smoothly. As parents and carers, you were great in wearing masks, following the one-way system and traffic flow, and observing the 2m rule. Let’s keep it up – especially at the doors of the classroom.

We are finding that we spend a lot of time hand washing, and go through a LOT of paper towels- these are surprisingly expensive, and we’ve already run out of room in our main bins.

There is no pressure to do so, but if you would like to send in your child with a small bottle of hand sanitiser, that would really help us. Please put their name on it. We are getting larger bottles of sanitisers too – it should speed things up. If you would rather your child doesn’t use hand sanitiser, please do let the teacher know. We’ll do a mix of hand washing and hand sanitiser anyway.

Thank you for your support! The St Mark’s team.