Welcome back to school and the beginning of Year 6!

What a successful start to the year so far! It has been wonderful to see the children settle into their new classes so quickly and adapt to the new rules and routines of St Mark’s life.

The children have literally got their teeth stuck into our first topic, Rumble in the Jungle, starting with an Amazon Rainforest inspired Bush Tucker Trial! Please don’t worry if your children have come home saying they’ve eaten bizarre sounding foods – we promise they were all edible! Some of the jungle delicacies on offer included Parrot Intenstines (strawberry laces), Frogs’ Eyes (peeled grapes and raisins) and Sloth Droppings (prunes and chocolate covered raisins)!

Parrot Intestines
Monkey Vomit
Frogs’ Eyes
Sloth Droppings

With these delicious dishes in mind, along with a few from their own imaginations, the children be creating their own descriptive Amazon restaurant menus. We can’t wait to see if you’re tempted after reading them.

Look out for our Year 6 Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Information leaflet coming out this week. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with our superstar Year 6 children!

Many thanks,

Mrs Silvester, Mrs Chapman and Miss Barnett