Year 5 Learning Update – The end of term!


Firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you to the amazing children of Year 5 for their hard work this term. We really have worked them so hard in all subjects, playing catch up from missed Year 4 learning, teaching the Year 5 curriculum and all whilst adapting to all the new schools rules too. We are really proud of their maturity and how much they have grown and developed since September. Go Team Year 5! The children definitely deserve a rest over the Christmas break. 


As mentioned in our last website post, the children have been writing stories from new perspectives, based on the story ‘Midnight Fox’ by Betsy Byar. The children have finished publishing these creations this week and they are sensational! Have a look at some example pages below.




As the children have completed their study of North America, they have also finished their maps drawn of the USA, with line drawing use to depict some of the differences across the country. They have spent many afternoons producing these to such a high, detailed quality. Well done children!




All that leaves us to say is… Happy Christmas! Have an amazing few weeks and we look forward to seeing you all, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, in 2021!

Mrs Poole, Mrs Stone, Miss Thomas & Miss Fowler.