Year 3 – Summer 1 – Nurturing Nature

Welcome back to the final term of Year 3

The children have come back to school happy and ready to learn. We started the week with our ‘Hook Day’ where the children had several clues to decode and find out our new project. This half term will be a Geography and Science led project where we are focussing on ‘Nurturing Nature’. We started with a mystery bag arriving from the office staff. We were told it had been delivered by a boy called Edward. We then unpicked a story and learnt that Edward was a character from a book called ‘Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnavas’. We then opened our bag from Edward and discovered he had sent us a piece of his tree (Thank you Grow My Wellbeing! 😉) along with some instructions and all the ingredients needed to create a rich soil to grow our new plant – a Peace Lily.

We also learnt about Andy Goldsworthy, who is a British artist know for his work in sculpture and photography. This inspired our walk around the school grounds with some identification cards of different plants and trees. We also collected some natural objects on our walk to create our own master pieces.

As part of this project we will have a large Geography focus where we will look at human and physical features of our local area and how these are represented on maps. We will be going for a walk around Beggarwood Park to see the changes. As these are local walks, we do not require further consent as this is covered under the original consent forms that you have already signed. If you have any questions about these walks please do speak to your class teacher. The walks will take place on the following dates:

3SB – Friday 23rd April 2021
3PG – Wednesday 28th April 2021
3T – Friday 30th April

* Please ensure your children have their school uniform on for the days they are going on these walks.
* Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day and ensure your child has either a hat (fingers crossed it will be warm) or a waterproof coat.

Please find below a copy of our topic web and knowledge organiser that has been shared with the children in school.

Year 3 – Nurturing Nature Topic Web

Year 3 Nurturing Nature Knowledge Organiser

As mentioned earlier in this post, we were lucky to have Grow My Wellbeing provide us with our Peace Lily’s. We are pleased to be able to support a small business and would recommend highly. We feel the children gained so much from these packs where they were learning what makes a good soil and all signing the pot to show responsibility for looking after our new class plants. Take a look here for more information about Grow My Wellbeing:

We are looking forward to some wonderful activities this half term and sharing these with you. 

Year 3 Team