An explosive start to the Summer term for Year 4!

Year 4 had an exciting start during their first week back with a ‘Hook’ to introduce their next project which is called ‘Quivers, Quakes, Eruptions and Shakes’. The children began by taking part in an interactive seismic version of ‘minesweeper’ by using their skills of reading coordinates to choose a square and attempt to avoid volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Following this, the children went outside and observed an eruption as the teachers demonstrated a volcanic science experience (one we’ve suggested you try at home on our Knowledge Organiser!)



Later in the week, the children started to learn about the different layers of the Earth and used their learning behaviour of ‘Creativity’ to present the information they had learned about in their books. Take a peek at Kayla’s Earth flip book to learn about the crust, mantle, outer and inner core of our Earth.


In English, the children will be writing an explanation text over the coming weeks called ‘Beneath our Feet’ which will explain all the different finds below the surface we walk upon – from animal burrows, to electricity wires, dinosaur fossils and even as deep down as molten magma! To immerse the children in their English work, they had a go at ordering some layers of the Earth and made notes on their findings. 


What an interesting week we’ve had already and there’s so much more to come! Below you will find the Knowledge Organiser and Topic Web for our current project. We will also be sending home a paper copy of the Knowledge Organiser.

Knowledge Organiser Summer 1

Topic Web Summer 1


The children have settled back into their normal routines and our homework systems are back in place. Here are a few reminders about our expectations for homework. Each week, your child is expected to complete:

  • English 10 minute tests. We will set one ‘Workout’ a week which should take around ten minutes.
  • Maths 10 minute tests. We will set one ‘Workout’ a week which should take around ten minutes.
  • Weekly Spellings. Our weekly spellings are set every Friday on Google Classroom. The children need to practise these using the LSCWC or Spelling Shed. They will be tested the following Friday.
  • TTRockStars. It’s very important that children know all their tables, and can recall them quickly. Please dedicate at least 20 minutes to practising these each week. We recommend using ‘Soundcheck’ or the new ‘Jamming’ section on Rockstars. 
  • Frequent Reading. To continue to become more fluent, and enhance comprehension skills, aim for your child to read at least 4 times per week. This can be a mix of reading independently or with a parent or carer.

We are looking forward to meeting with you during Parents’ Evening next month but as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for any support in the meantime. 

Year 4 Team