Year 2 Mini Trip Fun!




As part of our ‘Beauty Inside and Out’ project this half term, geography has been a key focus for us.  We have been looking at our school grounds and the Danebury Road area immediately out the front of the school.  Next week, we will be going for a walk around the Hatch Warren area to look at what human and physical features we can identify and develop the children’s fieldwork skills.  The children will be out exploring for no longer than one hour.  Please keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day and ensure your children has a warm or waterproof coat, as is necessary.

As this is a local walk, we do not require further consent as this is covered under the original consent forms that you have already signed.  If you have any questions about these walks, please do speak to your class teacher.  The walks will take place on the following dates:


2BT- Tuesday 12th October 2021

2B- Tuesday 12th October 2021

2R- Wednesday 13th October 2021


2R will have PE as usual on Wednesday afternoon but should come in wearing normal school uniform rather than their PE kit. 

We are really looking forward to discovering the beauty outside of our school and will share our learning with you about our Geography, and other aspects of our curriculum, next week. 

Have a lovely weekend! 😊