Year 4’s Creative Term

What a wonderful half term we have had learning about rivers and India as part of our project 'River of Life'. The children have worked hard and used their creativity within their Topic work, Art and DT. 

Our final website post for the Autumn term is written by our Year 4 pupils – Florence and Monica – who are going to explain their work:

Geography – Journal Pages
This term, we learned about India and the river in India called the river Ganges.The river Ganges is very important to people in India. People in India wash in the river because they believe that when they wash it washes away their sins but there also are negative impacts of the river on life. We made these journal pages after learning about different places along the Ganges. We used  creativity to present and decorate our page.
Journal Pages.png
DT – Making bread
In DT, we made bread and compared it to an Indian chapati and decided which one we preferred. We liked the bread because it had more texture and wasn't that salty but the chapati. The 4 ingredients we used were water, yeast, flour and salt.

Bread making.png
Art – Mehndi and Rangoli Patterns 
In art, we all looked at mehndi patterns and we had to create our own patterns. We looked at lots of designs and saw all of the beautiful patterns.
Also in art we looked at some Indian fabrics in the hall and noticed some patterns. We designed some Rangoli patterns and after we did our practise, a few days later, we did our neat one and some of them went on display. Fun fact: some people in India put rangoli patterns on their floor to welcome people into their homes.  
rangoli pictures.png

Thank you to Florence and Monica for writing our website post. We wish all the children, parents and carers a wonderful Christmas. See you in the new year!
Year 4 Team