Sensational Science in Year 4!

This term, Year 4 have enjoyed doing investigations during our Science Days. In Autumn 1, we became human biologists and learnt about the digestion system. The children created a model of a stomach using tights as the intestines, a sandwich bag for the stomach and funnel for the oesophagus. They had great fun seeing how the stomach breaks down the food so we can get energy. I’m sure you can imagine their reactions when the intestines created waste! 

IDNR5565 (1).JPG


After learning about the digestive system, we moved onto learning about the function of our teeth and how liquids have different effects on them. The children made predictions and tested marble chips (to represent the teeth) by placing them into a variety of liquids to see what happened.



This term, we have learnt all about the states of matter and investigated how liquids behave differently – this is called viscosity. 


We also had lots of fun learning about how solids change to liquids by melting. The children worked sensibly with the candles, after a safety briefing of course, to test 5 different solids and discover their melting points. 


In our final lesson, we applied all this knowledge to see how the water cycle works. We even create our own water cycle experiment using a candle to represent the sun, water and a mirror to collect the condensation. 


We are so impressed by the knowledge the children have learnt during our science days and they have enjoyed all the investigations we have done.