Year 5 Update – Spring 2

Written by Edward (5P) and Felicity (5F)

This half term, we have been very busy learning about the famous continent Europe. It’s been an astonishing and very engaging 6 weeks.


Marvellous Maths

This half term and last, we have been enjoying learning about fractions, unit fractions, equivalent fractions, improper fractions, mixed fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, multiplying fractions by the integer, non-unit fractions and finally fractions of amounts! Throughout this half term, we have continued to use Flashback Maths to help us with our learning too!


Extravagant English

In English, we have been looking into the story of Migrants in our sentence stacking lessons. In this story, it features a little baby polar bear called Nanuk (meaning polar bear in Inuktitut) and his mother. Their Iceland home, in the Arctic region, melts and they get washed away into the icy Arctic sea. They wash up in Germany in the black forest, meeting several nasty, human- like brown bears, resulting in a slap to Nanuk!

At the end of this unit, we continued the story of Migrants in first person wondering where they might go next. We chose to send the bears to either Austria, the Netherlands or Latvia. We could choose as many plot points (paragraphs) as we wanted although it had to be 6 or above. We also had to choose writing lenses to show in different parts of the story. e.g a simile, alliteration or repetition.



Gorgeous Geography

In Geography, we have been comparing our locality with one in France located in the Alps – La Plagne. We have been looking into the unique weather, economy and features in La Plagne caused by the mixture of rushing wind and the high mountains. 


Amazing Art

We have been experimenting with the background, middleground and the foreground using mixed media. We have been creating images of mountains by collaging. For our final piece we created, we used chalks, oil pastels, fine liners and paint to form a scene of La Plagne’s many mountains. We chose either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Can you guess which picture represents which season?



Delightful Design Technology 

Throughout this half term, we have been collecting research to make our very own spaghetti bolognese in groups of either 5 or 6. We all participated by bringing in a chosen ingredient and making a spag bol. To finish DT off, we taste-tested the meal for ourselves then reviewed it in the booklet that we had collected our information in.



Creative Computing

In this project, we have been learning about different websites online. We have discovered how to tell the difference between real facts and fake information. For our final project, we have been creating information posters too.                                                                                            


Ravishing R.E

Towards the end of this half term, we have improved our knowledge of The Easter story and Jesus. We have also learnt what Communion is to Christians. Communion is a special ceremony in which the priest blesses the bread and the wine to help Christians feel close to Jesus and remember his sacrifice. It is said in the bible stories that Jesus will return. 


Sensational Science

Throughout this half term, we have been learning about the different forces that work in our world by using Newton-metres. During these 6 weeks, we have learned about a measure called Newtons (N). We experimented with our shoes to discover how much force it takes to move them. Some shoes took less force to move because they were smaller or they had more grip than others. In the last few days, we have also been learning about how gravity pulls us towards the ground. Also, we have learnt how cogs spin and make some mechanical objects work and mesh together.


In this half term, we have been learning about all sorts of different subjects, it has been very interesting and educational. It has helped us learn about the wonders of Europe and develop other skills too!