Year 5 – What are we learning about in Summer 1?

We are so excited to be back at school and begin the Summer term – and oh what a half term it is going to be! As one of the teachers’ favourite topics, we are going to be learning about the Caribbean. It’s going to be a musical and colourful 5 weeks, finished off with a Carnival Day on Thursday 26th May, when we will also have some virtual sessions with Reading Museum! The children are going to be learning in more detail about the Caribbean islands (we touched upon this in our North America topic in the Autumn term too) and also will be learning about the Windrush movement. This period in History lead to a change in British culture as the Caribbean influence began to merge into British music, sport, carnival and food too. 

Attached are our Topic Web and Knowledge Organiser for this half term. The Topic Web gives you an insight into what we are planning on covering in each subject and the Knowledge Organiser gives you lots of facts and information about our Caribbean topic so that you can learn about these at home too. 

After May half term, we have lots of trips coming up – Swimming, Ufton Court and Brighton Hill. Please ensure the forms are completed for these as soon as possible. 

Thank you, as always, for your on-going support, 

The Year 5 Team

Year 5 Sum 1 – Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Sum 1 – Topic web