Year 4 – Unearthing Angle-Land and Discovering Monsters!

Year 4 have had a very exciting start to the second half of our summer term. Our new topic ‘Unearthing Angle-Land’ was launched with a classroom museum where the children had the chance to explore artefacts and replicas from Anglo-Saxon times.

After learning what each artefact was and what it was used for, the children had a go at writing their name in Runes – the Anglo Saxon alphabet. They then carved them into clay and painted them beautifully.

We have so much to look forward to with our Anglo- Saxon led half term. The children are getting very excited about the residential, as are the adults! It’s going to be a great trip and the children will be experts on this important part of British history by the time they return home.

Our English started with a monster hunt this week. After discovering that a monster had been spotted roaming around the school field, the children were given the task of trying to spot clues of where he might be hiding. The children bravely entered the woods and were shocked to find slime, tuna cans, feathers, bones and broken twigs. Upon this discovery, the children headed back to the classroom to think about what the monster might look like. This exciting start to our new English unit: Beowulf has really sparked the children’s imagination and got them excited for writing. We can’t wait to read their final stories!