14th October Newsletter – Harvest Monday, Arbor App, Parents’ Evenings, Playground Equipment, FOSM update and more

This week’s top news & reminders

  • We’re holding a harvest worship on Monday 17th October. If you are able, please bring in an item from the Foodbank list which will be given to support those in need.
  • Reminder: Non-uniform day on Friday 21st October (please wear PE-suitable shoes if it is a PE day). Spare change donations at the gates.
  • Parents evenings upcoming this week – Monday 17th Oct & Wednesday 19th Oct. Remember to log in prior to your video meeting at least 5 minutes before your appointment, or arrive in good time for in-person appointments and head to your classroom. If your child is in a club, see the after-school club changes below on these dates.
  • blankArbor Parents App! Please let us know if you haven’t received your login details. Thank you to those that have logged in already – we are currently at 47% uptake but would love to see all parents using it.
  • Clubs sign-up for Spring term may only be through Arbor – another reason to make sure you have the app.
  • We will be holding a sibling photo session in November – we will confirm the date as soon as we can
  • Interested in being a parent governor? Find out more here. Deadline 31st October.
  • Thank you to those who park sensibly. We had 3 parents raise concerns about St Mark’s parents parking on the bus stop, causing traffic delays and safety issues. 

FOSM Update

blankThank you so much for your Christmas Card orders- the online system has worked well. Massive thanks to our FOSM team for organising!

So far we have raised £21,766 towards our £37,000 target – that’s 59% of the total needed for our outdoor revamp.

blank What have your donations gone towards, and what are we fundraising for? Find out here.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.£37,000Raised £21,766 towards the £37,000 target.£21,766Raised £21,766 towards the £37,000 target.59%


Successful Grants for New Playground Equipment

Through grants from the government and the diocese, we’ve been able to order this playground equipment to replace our condemned version on KS2. This is seperate to any FOSM funding but brilliant news nonetheless. On our new version, children from Years R to 6 will be able to enjoy it. The children voted on their favourite items to include. We’re working on installation date and will keep you posted.


Pupil Voice groups

Well done to all our pupils who put themselves forward for one of our pupil voice groups, and especially to those who were elected. We enjoyed a serious election day with genuine polling booths and ballot boxes, too.


Pastoral drop-in session

The St Mark’s pastoral team will be hosting a parent and carer drop-in session every half term, each with a different focus. blank

Our first session will be looking at separation anxiety. Mrs Atherton, Mrs Delves and Mrs Elms will be on hand to chat through any concerns, with a cup of tea and a biscuit 🙂.

Please join us on Monday 17th October from 8.30am to 9.30am in the church (younger children welcome too!).

Meet the team here: https://www.stmarksprimary.net/category/ark/

Help us publicise Year R Tours

We are holding Tours for new year R September 2023 – we would be grateful if you could share our facebook post with anyone with a child starting school next year.


Year 1 Arts & Crafts club

We collected leaves to make autumn themed hedgehog pictures. It was great fun finding different sizes, shapes and colours to use.

School Events, Lunches, and Clubs

Upcoming events and trips



  • Parents evenings:
    Mon 17th Oct: 3.40pm-7pm
    2B only: Tues 18th Oct: 3.40pm-6.30pm
    Wed 19th Oct: 3.40pm-7pm
  • blankFOSM Non-School uniform – Fri 21st Oct
  • No SCL after school club available on Friday 21st October 2022 
  • Half-term: Mon 24th October – Fri 28th October


  • blankFOSM School Disco! Fri 11th  November
  • Flu vaccinations in school –  Wed 30th November


  • blankFOSM Non-School uniform – Thurs 1st Dec
  • blankFOSM Christmas Fayre – Sat 3rd December

Year Group Events

Year 4:

  • blankResidential trip: Wed 14th – Fri 16th June 2023

Year 5:

  • Winchester Science Museum Trip: Thurs 20th October

Academic year dates

Inset Days Tuesday 3rd January 2023, Friday 31st March 2023, Monday 5th June 2023

Term dates for 2022-2023 –  Click here for more info


Status: changes on Monday & Wednesday this week

Note: Planet Ed clubs will be running on Monday 17th October & Wednesday 19th October. All teacher-led clubs are cancelled for these dates only, due to parents evenings – please see below.

Dates for clubs are from: w/c 26th September and run until (& inc) w/c 28th November


  • Planet Ed: Year 1 Multi-Skills (3.30-4.20pm)
  • All other clubs are not running today (17th Oct)


  • Year 1 Construction/Games Club (3.30-4.15pm)
  • Year 2 Homework Club (3.30-4pm)
  • Planet Ed: Year 2 Dodgeball (3.30-4.20)


  • Planet Ed: Year 3/4 Dodgeball (3.30-4.20pm)
  • Year 2 Story Telling Club (3.30-4.10pm)
  • All other clubs are not running today (19th Oct)


  • Year 1 Arts/Crafts Club (3.30-4pm)
  • Year 3 Gardening Club (3.30-4pm)
  • Year 4 Art Club (3.30-4.15pm)
  • Planet Ed: Year 5/6 Boys Football (3.30-4.20pm)


  • Planet Ed: KS2 Capture the Flag (3.30-4.20pm)


Status: running as usual

w/c 17th Oct: Week 2


Children can wear PE kit to school on the days they have PE. When children have gym, please can they bring or wear shorts underneath.

  • Year RMondays (gym) and Fridays (outdoor)
  • Year 1Wednesdays (outdoor) and Fridays (gym)
  • Year 2Mondays (outdoor) and Wednesdays (dance)
  • Year 3Tuesdays (gym) and Fridays (outdoor)
  • Year 4Wednesdays (outdoor) and Thursdays (dance)
  • Year 5Tuesdays (dance) and Thursdays (outdoor)
  • Year 6Tuesdays (outdoor) and Fridays (dance)
Save the date Taster Days Perins school 2023

⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Sadie, Parrots – Brooklyn, Penguins – Declan

Year 1
1P – Rachel, 1M – Aimee, 1CL – Harry

Year 2
2B – Milo, 2G – Sam, 2BB – Zachary

Year 3
3C – Alba, 3T – Oscar, 3SB – Daisy

Year 4
4W – Charlotte, 4S – Olivia, 4PR – Isabelle

Year 5
5SP – Ella , 5DS – Zac, 5F – Ethan

Year 6
6P – Eleanor, 6B – , 6C – 

Star Reader Awards:

Year 1
1P – Edward, 1M – Finley, 1CL – Rex

Year 2
2B – Alisha, 2G – Arabella, 2BB – Enrique

Year 3
3C – Stanley, 3T – Mackenzie, 3SB – Claudia

Year 4
4W – Annabelle, 4S – Aaron, 4PR – Luke

Year 5
5SP – Aleiya , 5DS – Jack, 5F – Sebastian

Year 6
6P – Matheus, 6B – , 6C – 

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3SB –Daisy, 3T – Bailey Rose, 3C – Jackson

Year 4
4PR – Jacob, 4W – Summer, 4S – Lottie

Year 5
5SP – Seth, 5DS – Elizabeth, 5F – Aimee

Year 6
6P – Leighton, 6B – Emilia, 6C – Alastair

Bridge: Tyler (6P)

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3SB

Year 4: 4W

Year 5: 5F

Year 6: 6B

NumBots best effort:

Year 1: Ezra (1CL), Jack H (1P), Isaac (1M)

Year 2: Alfie J (2B), Marco (2BB), Kieran (2G)

Supporting Online Safety at Home: A Webinar for Parents and Carers of Primary Aged Pupils

Music of the week!

Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

This piece of music by French composer Debussy means ‘moonlight’.

👍 Community News

October Half-Term


FOSM - Support Our School!

About FOSM

blankThe ‘Friends of St Mark’s’ (FOSM) was formed early in the life of the school. All parents are automatically members and our committee organises social events for children and adults and fund-raising events such as Key Stage discos, Easter Egg Hunts and Summer Fun days.

Over the last few years the ‘Friends’ have donated money that has contributed towards extra resources to benefit the children at St. Mark’s which has included playground equipment, books for the school library, and general school funds. We are now a registered charity, too. Charity number: 1188879

Join our Facebook group here.blank

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