Year 3 – Stone Age – Iron Age

Year 3 had a fabulous first term, learning about Stone Age to Iron Age. The children immersed themselves into their learning and loved our school trip to Stonehenge too. We were not the only school at Stonehenge but had so many comments about how well behaved and engaged the children were by the Stonehenge staff and general public, even a comment had made it back to our bus driver about how super we were. Well done Year 3 for making us proud! In Science this half term, we have carried out many investigations to learn about how rocks are formed, the 3 types of rocks, the hardness and permeability of rocks. We also recreated and made our own fossils understanding the fossilisation process. In History, the children have loved finding out about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We have taken the time to understand the meaning of pre-history and how archaeologists have discovered what it was like in the past. We looked at many artefacts and began to understand how evidence about the past is found by archaeologists. They also enjoyed making bog butter when learning about the Bronze Age. # We are looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow and introducing our new project ……. Watch this space!