13th January 2023 Newsletter – Agents of Change and other updates

A note from Mr Applegate

blankIt’s been a lovely start to term- the children have been working so hard. Highlights include:

  • Launching our “Agents of Change” badge and task. We want our children to see themselves as people who make our world a better place. If your child does something that makes our world a better place, please do nominate them via email!
  • We spent a whole day on Thursday looking at Maths in our school. The children are doign so well. Look out for a renewed focus on learning times tables!
  • Seeing progress in our Year R outside area continue.
  • Showing new parents around our school: they were amazed by the “please” and “thank you’s” of the children, and holding the doors open, and also how hard they were working. Keep it up!

This week’s top news & reminders

  • Thursday 19th January is census day. The number of meals we serve impacts our funding next year. Remember, all children in Year R, 1 and 2 receive free lunches every day. Therefore, it would be great to see as many school lunches ordered as possible. Our caterer’s (Pabulum) have put together a special, delicious menu. Save the date! Click here to see the menu
  • Snow plans. It’s not uncommon to have snow in Spring! Our plan for snow is to always assume school will be open unless you hear otherwise. We’ll communicate via email and website if anything changes.
  • School grounds during wet weather. Please avoid walking on any of the banks after school (this applies whatever the weather). Thank you!

    A few parents have asked about drainage on the paths, following the downpours and flooding this week. It’s a real challenge for us as the site wasn’t built in our favour. The pathway is also the runoff area for the fields and playgrounds, and drainage wasn’t installed when it was built. We are getting fresh quotes, but it is a very expensive job. We have to weigh up how we use the little money we have for these large projects, and primarily how we can benefit the children the most. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Vote for St Mark’s in Tesco! We are delighted to have been entered in the Tesco Community Grant Scheme. Customers** will be able to vote for our project to improve our school grounds. The project with the highest number of votes across our region will receive up to £1500, 2nd place up to £1000, 3rd place up to £500.
    • Please look out for the voting box in the following stores between now and the end of March!
    • **you need to make any purchase to obtain a token
    • Our vision: “To enhance our outside grounds to become a place of fun and relaxation, whilst providing opportunities to promote health and well-being in our school and to the wider community”

Basingstoke Superstore RG24 8BEBasingstoke  Express RG21 7LGLychpit Express RG24 8TFKempshott Express RG22 5NZPopley Express RG24 9DROakridge Rd Express RG21 5SG

Careers Fair – can you help, or spread the word?

We’re pleased to be running our St Mark’s Careers Fair again in February 2023! We need your help though. Can you run a stall on either 23rd or 24th Feb in the morning? Would your business, charity or organisation help? Do you know someone else who might? Find our details and sign-up here! Thank you.


  • Notices:

    • School disco time again!blank

    Upcoming FOSM events:

    • School Disco – Friday 3rd Feb (KS1 5-5.45pm, KS2, 6-7pm)
    • More events coming soon!

    Regular Information

School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs

  • Everyone


    • Half-term 13th-17th February
    • Careers Fair – 23rd/24th February


    • Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival (Year 2/KS2 Choir & Orchestra) – Sat 4th March
    • INSET – Friday 31st March
    • Easter break – 3rd April – 14th April 

    Year Group Events

    Year 1:

    • Milestone’s Trip – Fri 24th February

    Year 2:

    • Hillier Gardens – 23rd June

    Year 4:

    • blank Roman Solider Day – Wed 8th Feb
    • New Barn residential trip: Wed 14th – Fri 16th June

    Year 5:

    •  Trip to Ufton Court – Thurs 9th Feb

    Year 6:

    • Tues 17th Jan – SATs information evening in main hall

⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Austin, Parrots – Evie, Penguins – Jude

Year 1
1P – Elsie, 1M – Amelia, 1CL – Ivy

Year 2
2B – Jack, 2G – Alfie, 2BB – Owen

Year 3
3C – Elodie, 3T – Kayla, 3SB – Callan

Year 4
4W – Ella, 4S – Effie, 4PR – Sophia

Year 5
5SP – Charlotte, 5DS – George, 5F – Sofia

Year 6

6P – Tanisha, 6B – Bethany, 6C – Trinity

Star Reader Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Grace, Parrots – Tilly, Penguins – Gabriella

Year 1
1P – Jake, 1M – Isaac, 1CL – Olivia

Year 2
2B – Luke, 2G – Alfie, 2BB – Ruby

Year 3
3C – Henry, 3T – , 3SB – Ava

Year 4
4W – Liam, 4S – Ivy, 4PR – Lucas

Year 5
5SP – George, 5DS – Elizabeth, 5F – Olivia

Year 6

6P – Isla, 6B – Elsie, 6C – Charlie

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3C – Elodie, 3T – Jenson, 3SB – Ava

Year 4
4W – Freyja, 4S – Ivy-Rose, 4PR – Lucas

Year 5
5SP – Jas, 5DS – Jeffrey, 5F – Leo

Year 6
6P – Irebami, 6B – Riker, 6C – Ava

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3SB

Year 4: 4W

Year 5: 5F

Year 6: 6B

NumBots best effort:

Year 1: Amy (1P), Max (1CL), Harry (1CL)

Year 2:  Sophie (2B), Isabelle (2G), Abbie (2BB)

Music of the Week!

Adagio for strings: Samuel Barber

Samuel Barber was an American composer who lived from 1910 – 1981. Adagio for Strings was written in 1936 and is Barber’s most well-known compositions.


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