20th January 2023 Newsletter – Safer Internet Day, Foodbank and more

This week’s top news & reminders


This year we will be taking part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7th February. Please send your children to school on this day wearing something either orange or blue (or both!) to match the Safer Internet Day logo.

blankNo-Tech Day challenge. We will be challenging children and their families to take part in a day without tech on the weekend of the 11th and 12th February!  Will you accept the challenge?

Year 6 parents – find the SATs Information Evening slides here.


Road Safety Message

A message from our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO):
JRSO Top Tip!
  Be bright, be seen on these gloomy, winter days.
Stop, look and listen when you cross the road.

Careers Fair – can you help, or spread the word?

We’re pleased to be running our St Mark’s Careers Fair again in February 2023! We need your help though. Can you run a stall on either 23rd or 24th Feb in the morning? Would your business, charity or organisation help? Do you know someone else who might? Find our details and sign-up here! Thank you.


Foodbank – easy as 1-2-3

There is now a Foodbank drop-off box at St Mark’s, run by the Parish of Basingstoke Down. Simply drop-off tins and other items as per the Foodbank’s website. Thank you.

Agents of Change – “Making the world a better place” – Update

  • The residents of Pemberely House loved their Christmas cards (Facebook link)!
  • Thank you for your nominations of children who go above and beyond to make our world a better place. The Agents Of Change badges will be presented on Mondays.
  • A friend reminded me of the following today… “In our lives, after the excitement and celebrations of Christmas, there is always a lull. We fall back into the routine of work and there is a sense that we are just trying to get through the weeks to the brighter season ahead.  So being “Agents of Change” helps lift and motivate us, to encourage us to think beyond ourselves. Each act of kindness will be greeted with a smile and will prompt others to do the same.”

Outdoors Revamp Update

  • Our Year R area will be finished by half-term, after which we press on with the Forest and Farm areas.
  • We’re also doing some prep-work to replace the KS2 climbing equipment. This is being installed over Easter, and will be on a rota basis for all children, not just KS2. Something to look forward to!
  • All of the above is because of your generosity and FOSM’s hard work :) And thanks to Mr Calver, our Outdoor Facilitator for all he is doing!


  • The St Mark’s pastoral team will be hosting a parent and carer drop-in session every half term, each with a different focus.blank

    Our first session this term will be looking at supporting children with worries and anxieties.

    Mrs Atherton, Mrs Delves and Mrs Elms will be on hand to chat through any concerns, with a cup of tea and a biscuit 🙂.

    Please join us on Monday 30th January from 8.30am to 9.30am in the church (younger children welcome too!).

    Meet the team here: Pastoral team

  • Notices:

    • blank Having a spring clear-out? Bags2School is coming – Thursday 27th April!
    • School disco time again! Booking is now open! blank

    Upcoming FOSM events:

    • School Disco – Friday 3rd Feb (KS1 5-5.45pm, KS2, 6-7pm)
    • Bags2School – Thursday 27th April
    • More events coming soon!

    Regular Information

  • blankCongratulations to Olivia Nice from 5F who won a gold medal in the British Judo Southern Regional Area Championship on Sunday 15th January. Fantastic achievement!


School Dates, Lunches, and Clubs

  • Everyone


    • Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 7th February (wear orange and/or blue)
    • No-Tech Day Challenge – 11th & 12th February
    • Half-term 13th-17th February
    • Careers Fair – 23rd/24th February


    • Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival (Year 2/KS2 Choir & Orchestra) – Sat 4th March
    • INSET – Friday 31st March
    • Easter break – 3rd April – 14th April 

    Year Group Events

    Year 1:

    • Milestone’s Trip – Fri 24th February

    Year 2:

    • Hillier Gardens – 23rd June

    Year 4:

    • Roman Solider Day – Wed 8th Feb
    • New Barn residential trip: Wed 14th – Fri 16th June

    Year 5:

    •  Trip to Ufton Court – Thurs 9th Feb

An interesting thought!


⭐ Star Learners ⭐

Star Learner Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Ella, Parrots – Charlie, Penguins – Lillie

Year 1
1P – Jack, 1M – Ishaan, 1CL – Kabir

Year 2
2B – Emily, 2G – Eli, 2BB – James

Year 3
3C – Alex, 3T – Samuel, 3SB – Olivia

Year 4
4W – Nyasha, 4S – Meredith, 4PR – Dollie

Year 5
5SP – Seth, 5DS – Elliott, 5F – Freya

Year 6

6P – Anaya, 6B – Riker, 6C – Ano

Star Reader Awards:

Year R
Puffins – Ella  Parrots – Amelia, Penguins – Tyson

Year 1
1P – Alfie, 1M – William, 1CL – Roman

Year 2
2B – Rudi, 2G – Isabelle, 2BB – Ayla

Year 3
3C – Alexa, 3T –  Oscar, 3SB – Maicie

Year 4
4W – Navlyn, 4S – Poppy, 4PR – Sophia

Year 5
5SP – Noah, 5DS – Vinnie, 5F – Elouise

Year 6

6P –  Sean, 6B – Sam, 6C – Scarlett

Rock Stars

Amazing effort:

Year 3
3C – Jackson, 3T – Jenson, 3SB – Ava

Year 4
4W – Angelina, 4S – Lottie, 4PR – Mia

Year 5
5SP – Florence, 5DS – Elizabeth, 5F – Leo

Year 6
6P –  Irebami, 6B – Riker, 6C – Colin

Most active class in each year group:

Year 3: 3SB

Year 4: 4W

Year 5: 5DS

Year 6: 6B

NumBots best effort:

Year 1: Charlie (1CL), Isaac (1M), Riley (1CL)

Year 2:  Alfie P (2G), Prannav (2BB), Gracie H (2BB)

Music of the Week!

The Planets: Jupiter Holst

Gustav Holst was an English composer, born in 1874 and died in 1934. The Planets suite is his most famous work made up of 7 pieces of music that bring the characters of the planets to life. Jupiter is known as the bringer of jollity.

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