St Mark’s Careers Fair – can you help?!

Dear parents,
Every couple of years, we run a careers fair at St Mark’s. This is for all children, and helps them to see a range of jobs that people do, both paid and voluntary. It encourages them to work hard at school and perhaps find an initial interest for the future. It’s also lots of fun!
We are however running a bit short of businesses and organistions this year, and so would ask for your help in either running a stall or spreading the word to see if a colleague or friend might be interested. Basic details of the event are as follows:
  • It is running on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th February, 2023 – you can run a stall on either day or both
  • You’d be in school from 8:30-11:30am max. Children visit the fair between 9am and 11:15am in their classes
  • We provide tables, chairs, and electric points- you provide anything else – see the photos for examples
  • About 300 children come each day, and we invite parents to join their children (for most year groups).
More information, including photos from previous years and how to sign up can be found here: