Busy in the snow!

Our classes were set the challenge to build a ‘snow castle’ that represents St Mark’s. We’ve had a lovely morning in the snow using our learning behaviours of team work and creativity. Also, a huge thank you to Chris Worgan for his help in clearing the paths this morning.

Update – Monday 19th March – Snow

We will be enjoying the snow together on the field before lunch, so please can the children have spare clothes if possible.

Please keep to the paths, walk not run, and avoid the playground or other shortcuts (as always!) as this will help keep yourselves and our site safe. Paths around the community are icy so go carefully.

Clubs after school are still on. You must let us know if your child won’t be attending. The football tournament has been cancelled.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Please share this message with other parents.

Monday – school open from 10:30am

Due to the snow and ice, we are opening at 10:30am to pupils. This gives time to make the site safe. Breakfast club has been cancelled. Please wear sensible shoes, coats, gloves and normal uniform. Bring black school shoes in a separate bag for when in the school building. Go safely and carefully.

Monday – snow and ice forecast

We are hoping to be open tomorrow, but as always, please have a childcare plan in place should we not be able to open or if we have to open later to make the site safe. We’ll update our website asap in the morning (hopefully by 7:15am). Assume we are open until you hear otherwise.

Note – It’s very complicated to decide whether to close the school or not, and we fully appreciate the impact it has on parents and carers. A few weeks ago, it was a much easier decision and we could do it in advance. The impact of tonight’s forecast is less clear cut.

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