Numbots in Year 1

The children in Year 1 were very excited this week to find out about Numbots. 

Numbots is an online game ( or there is an APP) and playing little and often will help improve your child’s recall and
understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. 

There are two modes in which the children can play.
1. Story Mode – the emphasis is on learning the ideas and concepts behind addition and subtraction so it features more diagrams, shapes and question styles.
2. Challenge Mode – the emphasis is more on speed of recall of key facts, like number bonds to 10, doubling small numbers or adding & taking away in your head and is against the clock.

Children can repeat stages to earn more coins and become more confident in areas. All children start at the same point and progress through the levels as they play more and become more confident with their number facts.

Unlocking Challenges
Challenge Mode is locked for new users and is unlocked once players reach a certain level on Story Mode(towards the end of the Iron Stage).
There are 20 Challenge levels and only the first is unlocked to begin with. To unlock the next challenge, children must correctly answer 20 questions in a minute.

Please try not to give your child the answers but encourage them to solve the questions themselves, maybe with some drawings or objects. Your child has been given their log-in this week, but please email us if they go missing or if you have any questions.

Year 1 Team

What a great half term in Year 1!

We have had a great half term in Year 1 and the children have really enjoyed our project ‘Sensational Senses’. Over the last week, we have used our knowledge of painting to help us create ‘hues’ of purple to paint a turnip. We have also used our knowledge of the story, ‘The Enormous Turnip’ to help re-create it using water colours and collage.

In Maths, we have learnt about making numbers in different ways using a part-whole model and are now thinking about how to form addition and subtraction number sentences using the part-whole to help us.  We have loved retelling the story, ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and if you ask your child, they might re-enact it for you!


  • Please could you check your child’s jumpers as we have some missing. If you find that you have another child’s jumper at home, please return it to class. Could we also remind you to name all jumpers, cardigans, coats etc that come into school please.
  • Please could we remind you that water bottles should only contain water, but children with pack lunches may have juice as part of their pack lunch.
  • Over the coming weeks you will receive a piece of writing from your child’s book, ready for parents evenings, which your child will love sharing with you.

We would like to thank you for all your support this half term with your children.

Year 1 Team

Great fun in Year 1!

Year 1 have had great fun this week learning about their senses. We have been on a walk outside using our senses so we could write some lovely poetry.

We have also enjoyed lots of art. We have created artwork inspired by ‘Giuseppe Arcimboldo’ and used vegetables to print people.

We have also released our butterflies this week, when the sun came out! The children loved seeing them fly off on their new adventures.


Google Classrooms: Today we have set spellings homework for all children on Google Classrooms. You will find this by looking on your child’s class page, not the year group page. The work set in the year group page is for children who are self-isolating.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Key Messages Meeting – Resources and Questions asked

Year 1 Curriculum key messages 2020 Parents – pdf of presentation

keyword cards Blue Words

keyword cards Green Words

keyword cards Red Words

These resources will be available on the Year 1 section of the website too.


Questions parents asked at the meeting:

As Tapestry isn’t being used this year, will we get a PDF to download of last year’s Tapestry?

Yes. This will be available soon.

Is there homework set?

Yes. This will be set on Google Classrooms in the near future. In Year 1, as part of their homework, we expect them to read frequently and learn their keywords. We will also send spellings home weekly, which will be on Google Classrooms. Later in the year, there will be maths and English tasks, which will also be set on Google Classrooms. All home learning will be found in your child’s class page, e.g. 1J-2020, 1C-2020, 1P-2020.

Is there work for children who are self-isolating?

Yes. If your child is well enough, then there will be work available on Google Classrooms in the Year 1-2020 Classwork. They can send any work back to their teacher to look at through Google Classrooms. This work is only for children who are self-isolating.

Can we have all the keywords on Google Classrooms?

Yes – we will make these available for you, either in Google Classrooms or on the website.

Will there be a way of recording their home reading, similar to the reading log last year?

No – we will not be using reading logs this year. Teachers keep records of when they read with your child and the books they are reading. If you have any questions about your child’s reading, then please email the Year 1 account.

How do I speak to my child’s teacher, when I have to keep 2m from the door?

Please email the Year 1 account ( for any concerns you have about your child. The teachers monitor this daily. If you have an urgent message, then please let the office know and they will inform the teacher.

Hungry Caterpillars in Year 1!

It’s been a busy week in Year 1. We have been learning about the story, The Hungry Caterpillar and retelling it, thinking about all the different foods it ate. We have also been watching our own ‘hungry’ caterpillars in class, who have now all made their cocoons and we are waiting to see them turn into butterflies.

Reading books: Yesterday, we sent home books for your children to read with you. By the end of this week, you should have two books, one ORT (tree) book and one Big Cat book. Please could you ensure your child’s books come into school everyday, where the children can put them in their trays. The Big Cat book can be changed as frequently as you like but the ORT book will be changed, when needed, when your child reads with their teacher. 

Google Classrooms: If your child is off school due to self-isolation and is well enough to learn, then please log-in to your google classroom account and look in the Year group page classwork area, where work will be posted. Spellings will be coming home soon and will be found on the individual child’s classroom page, so please check that you can log-in. 

Thank you for all your support. any queries and questions, then please contact us on 

Year 1 Team

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