Times Tables RockStars

RockStars proved to be hugely popular last year and helped the children to make considerable progress in learning their times tables facts.

As it is a new school year, we have reset the children’s RockStars accounts. Teachers will be handing out their logins this week.

RockStars is continuously improving with new features; this year, it has some new tools which help to assess where your child is currently with their times tables knowledge in order to tailor some of the questions to suit their needs and also give feedback to their teacher.

When your child first logs in, they will first need to choose a new ‘rockstar’ name. It would then be beneficial for them to play the ‘Gig’ as this gives an initial assessment and a baseline speed so that they and their teachers can see their progress over time.

If you have any questions, please pop in and speak to the class teacher.

An excellent start to our new school year!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Y6!

We have been very impressed with how the children have come back after the holidays. They are already showing themselves to be excellent role-models to the rest of the school and are working hard in lessons.

There are many exciting activities to look forward to this term and we will keep you updated with website posts as often as we can.

Here are a couple of key points for the Autumn term:

PE kits

These must be in school on a Monday and will be taken home on a Friday. Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday but there could be extra lessons added in at any point which is why we ask them to be in school all week. Please make sure all items of clothing are named too.

Curriculum workshop

We hope you will be able to attend the Y6 workshop on Thursday 26th September 8:45am-10:00am which will give you information on our maths curriculum. You will be welcome to visit your child’s class to complete an activity with them after the presentation. If you are unable to attend, there will be an evening presentation on Wednesday 18th September at 7:20. You do not need to attend both.


We will issue homework twice a week. Maths will go home on Fridays and children will have until the following Friday to complete it. SPaG homework will be issued on a Wednesday and be due in on the following Wednesday. We aim to support with homework wherever we can and it will link to what we have been doing in class that week. Miss Pettitt is running homework club after school on a Monday – there may still be some spaces for children if you check with the office! Our first piece of maths homework will be issued this Friday. A revision spelling sheet will be issued weekly too. Please encourage your children to learn these as they will be tested on these each Friday.

Windmill Hill

On 24th September, at 6:15pm, the Y6 teachers will be holding a Windmill Hill information evening for all parents of children attending this year’s residential trip. It will be an opportunity to find out more about the structure of the week, ask any questions you may have, and to collect a medical form which will need completing before the trip.

We hope you are as excited about the year as we are! Please feel free to come and see us if you have any queries.

Year 6 Team


Production Time!

Our first official performance of Madagascar is tomorrow and the children are very exciting about performing in front of their friends and families!

Drops off and Pick ups

For our evening performances – on Tuesday and Wednesday evening – your child will need to dropped off at school between 6:15pm and 6:30pm. A register will be taken just after 6:30pm to ensure that everyone is present. If your child is part of backstage or needs their face painted, they will need to arrive at 6:15pm. Our play should finish at around 8:15pm so please arrive shortly after if you are picking up.


We have a professional photographer in school tomorrow who will be taking a photo of the whole year 6 cast and also friendship groups. We will be selling these later this week so keep an eye out for the proofs.


As I am sure you are aware, we have not charged for tickets for Madagascar but will have a donation basket available should you wish to offer a donation after the performances.

The children have worked incredibly hard this term rehearsing for their play so we hope you thoroughly enjoy it – see you soon!

Year 5 and 6 Team

Picnic with our buddies!

What an emotional day to mark the end of a wonderful year with their buddies! Year 6 were truly spoilt as they were firstly greeted with a heart-felt song named “Thank you” – a take on “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. The Year R children sung their hearts out and it certainly brought smiles and tears to the Year 6 faces.

After this, the Year R children presented their buddies with a hand-made clay tile of a lion, which was beautifully painted and varnished, and a thank you card. We are sure the Year 6 children will cherish these for a very long time.

It was then time for a feast: sandwiches, crisps, fruit, biscuits and doughnuts were just some of the yummy treats! It was so lovely to see the buddies sharing a special picnic together, talking about the great times they have shared this year.

We wish the Year 6’s all the best at their secondary school and the Year R’s a brilliant transition into Year 1!


Technology Challenge: Raising money for ‘Young Minds’ charity

As part of our project this term, the children have been thinking about e-safety, with a particular focus on how much we use technology in our daily lives and how it impacts us. To raise sponsorship for the ‘Young Minds’ charity – who support the mental young of young people – the children were asked to create their own technology challenge which was personal to them. We asked some children about their experience:


I took on the challenge to charge all my devices to full power and was only able to use this power within the two week period. When I was doing it, I found that I went outside a lot more especially into the garden and jumped on the trampoline. I also found that I did not spend as much time in my room as there was little to do in there so I went downstairs more and spent time with my family.

George from 6G

I gave up all of my technology for a whole week including my phone, the TV and my laptop. I noticed that I was spending more with my friends and I felt more relaxed overall. I used to use my phone unnecessarily however now I limit the use.

Meghan from 6D

I gave up all technology in the mornings and was limited to 2 hours during the afternoon. Whilst I was doing the technology challenge, I played with my sister more and I was also able to use my time to practise for my piano exam. I found that it impacted me positively and I used my time wisely.

Amelie from 6C

My challenge was to limit my phone time to 20 minutes a day and not watch TV past 6pm. I found it quite hard to start with however I found that I spent more time with my family. I also found that I used my time more productively and got extra time in bed rather than wasting time watching YouTube on my phone. I have noticed that since the challenge, I have naturally started using my phone less so I’m pleased I took part in the challenge. I knew it was also for a good cause.

Tilly from 6P

My challenge was to not play on the Xbox or PS4 for 2 whole weeks. I used to play Fifa a lot with my dad on the Xbox however as we couldn’t use technology, we played basketball in the garden which was fun and it was nice being outside while the weather was nice. Once the challenge ended, I actually didn’t go back on the Xbox for a while – I just got used to life without it and enjoyed playing more sport and making cakes! Going forward, I have realised that there are better things to do with my time.

Ashton from 6G


The teachers were surprised by the genuine positive attitudes towards reducing the time spent using technology and hope that this challenge may help young people to think about how technology is affecting their lives.

We counted up the sponsorship money this week and can announce that we raised around £650! Thank you so much to the children for their efforts and to parents for supporting this initiative. We will be donating the money this week and are sure that ‘Young Minds’ charity will be so grateful for the donation!


Reminder – SRE Parent Information Event

Just a quick reminder about this evening’s ‘Sex and Relationships Education’ information event which will be held in 6G at 6:00pm. It will give parents the opportunity to view the materials we will be using in school and to discuss how we approach SRE at St Mark’s. If you need to bring your child, we will have a separate space for them in 6D.

Many thanks,

Year 6 Team

Production Reveal!

After months of questioning and speculation from the children, we finally revealed our production title for this summer…

Following all of their hard work this week, the children have had a fun-filled day of clue-solving and film watching and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

To begin with, they went on a hunt around the school and had to solve mathematical questions where each answer gave them a picture clue linked to our production title.

We finally confirmed that it is ‘Madagascar’ and the children cheered in excitement! They even watched an amateur trailer with some familiar faces in – I’m sure they will tell you more…

The doughnuts were clearly a hit and a well-deserved treat!

We watched Madagascar today and started to consider the characteristics for each role.

A letter has been given out about the production and we politely ask for this to be returned as soon as possible so we know which role your child would like to have. Auditions will be held in school next week.

May we wish the children a restful weekend; we are extremely proud of all of their hard work, resilience and positivity through their SATs.

Year 6 team

SATs Success

We’re at the half way point now and couldn’t be more proud of the Year 6 children: they are taking the SATs in their stride and have tried very hard over the last couple of days.

The last two afternoons have been full of creativity with robotic dance workshops and learning about the artist Eric Joyner as part of our art this term.

Our early openings have been very successful with children starting the day with a breakfast snack alongside some mindfulness colouring. We will be opening Year 6 at 8:15am Wednesday and Thursday also.

We wish them all the best for the remainder of the week!

Year 6 non-uniform this Friday

Dear parents and carers,

The Y6 pupils have made a great start to the SATs. Thank you so much for your efforts in supporting them and St Mark’s. We are honestly really proud of them.

You will be aware from our newsletters that on the 21st June, Y6 are going to Winchester Cathedral for their leavers’ service. They will need to be in their smart uniform. However, on the same day, the rest of the school are having a non-uniform day as a donation towards the summer fair which is on the 29th June.

In light of all of this, the Y6 pupils are going to have a non-uniform day this Friday, 17th May. As usual, sensible and appropriate non-uniform please!

We look forward a continued successful week. Mr Applegate

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