Read Write Inc Phonics – Learning to Read

At St Mark’s, we use “Read Write Inc” to help teach children learn to read. It’s a phonics programme that teaches individual sounds and then builds these sounds up. As a parent, it’s really helpful to have an understanding of phonics. Watch the videos below to find out more!

Information for Parents: Understanding Phonics

This video on understanding phonics is ideal for parents of incoming Reception children. It explains what the National Curriculum says about learning to read, why learning to read and spell in English is more difficult than in other languages, and how phonics can help.

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Questions to Talk About

In this clip, Catherine from Cyril Jackson Primary uses ‘Fastest Finger’ and ‘Have a Think’ questions to help the children in her Year 1 Yellow Storybook group discuss the story.

Read Write Inc. Phonics: Word Time

Phonic Screening Check success for every child. Ruth (trainer) shows delegates how to teach children to read new, familiar and nonsense words.

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Confused about how to pronounce the sounds found in Read Write Inc. Phonics? Worry not – 5-year-old Sylvie is here to show you how! Use this guide to support your child when practising the sounds at home.