Year 3 – Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good Morning Year 3!

Did you enjoy Miss Stonehouse’s French lesson? We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to her for her super videos that mean you can continue to learn French at home. 


Enjoy today’s learning, you have English, Maths and D&T. We are looking forward to seeing your bee homes – please do send your pictures to us. 


Year 3 Team 

Thought for the day 



Today’s lesson looks a little bit different  and you can choose to watch the video and complete the problems using the white rose question sheet when asked (The solutions are explained after it asks you to pause the video and work on the problem).


You can download the prompt sheet and instead of pausing the video and working on the problem when it tells you to, you can use the prompt sheet to work through the solution at the same time as the video (you can still pause it if you need longer to work on a section of the problem)


Please complete Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 3 – Problem Solving – Today you will your knowledge of fractions and work we have previously covered to solve problems involving measures and shape.  You will need to work through a few steps to solve the problem.


You can find the video and resources for today’s lesson here  Make sure you click on Summer Term week 2, Lesson 3 Watch the clip and follow the instructions or use the prompt sheet and work through the solutions at the same time as the video.

Resources you will need:

Please remember if you don’t have a printer you can copy into your maths book or onto paper. Try and complete as best as you can. 

When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your work. 



Don’t forget Miss Goddard’s daily challenges can be found here

English/ Bookclub 

Today we will be finishing the story. Answer the questions on the PowerPoint and then find a cosy place to watch the whole video of the Varmints. 

Resources you will need:

Design and Technology

Today we are going to be making our bees homes. Here is a good video clip to watch as it gives you some good tips about where your bee home can be put outside. Remember your bee home will be different to this and it doesn’t matter if you use different tools and materials.  Have a look at the PowerPoint and then enjoy making your bee home.  Remember to email us a picture.  We can’t wait to see what you make.

Resources you will need:

  • Recycled objects from around your home

Have a super evening!