Windmill Hill Update

Thank you to everyone who has sent back the reply slip regarding cabin groups for Windmill Hill. Please rest assured knowing that these requests will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with other children. Your replies, along with the children’s requests of who they WOULD like to share with (which they completed today) will massively help us now in organising the rooms to ensure ALL children feel happy :)

We sent home a few extra letters today to those children who haven’t yet brought their slip back. Please simply send back the replies blank with your signature if there is no one your child shouldn’t share with. This way, we know you have definitely seen the letter.


Next week, the children will gather again for more Windmill Hill excitement. We will share with them the video from last year, have a quick look at the website and give them the opportunity to ask any questions that haven’t already been answered.

On the final day of half term, Thursday 24th October, we will tell the children their cabin number, the cabin number of the nearest adult and their activity group number. This will come home with the children on a little information slip along with the password for parents to access a special area of the school website where we will post updates while we are away. With this, the children will also bring home the activity timetable and hopefully, the canteen menu. For those children needing a little help with organisation, you can then help them pack clothes for each day according to the activities they will complete (e.g. an extra pair for any days involving muddy/water activities!). Additionally, the menu might help those children who are fussy eaters or who have allergies to plan their food choices with the help of you!


Quick reminder – All medical consent forms should now have been returned. If there is anything else that comes to mind that you haven’t included on these between now and the trip, please inform us as soon as possible. Equally, feel free to come and ask us any last minute questions!


24 sleeps to go!

Year 6 Team