Year 1 – Adventurous Toys!

The children have been very excited this week to see what their toys have been up to. The toys have been having parties, reading books, learning some Maths and even hiding under or behind furniture! The children have had great discussions about why they thought their toy came out of the toy box and which toy was in charge of all the adventures. They enjoyed sequencing all the events and writing a recount of the toys adventures.

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This week we have also been thinking about addition and subtraction in our Maths learning. We are learning to count on and back single-digit numbers using resources and number lines. 



We are also continuing to practise our number bonds to 10 and using these to help us learn our number bond pairs to make 20.



Thank you to everyone who has returned the reply slip and payment for our trip to Milestones. Could we give a gentle reminder for any others to be returned by 7th February please.

Thank you all for your continued support with your children.

Year 1 Team