Year 1 – Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning Year 1

Dear parents and children,

We hope you are doing well and have enjoyed the sunshine. We have seen some fantastic learning at home so far – well done! Remember to keep checking the ‘helpful reminders’ and ‘ongoing daily activities’ as we often update these.

If you would like to, you can listen to an exciting story today! An astronaut called Tim Peake has a special story he would like to share with you. Click here: Story Time with Tim Peake

Thank you for everything that you are doing and your continued support.

Year 1 Team

Helpful Reminders

We are still checking our emails regularly and have loved seeing what you are doing. Feel free to email us if you have a question or just want to say hello at:

You can access our general resources to support your child at home here: Y1 General Resources

Please do not feel like you have to complete all of the activities provided in one day. We have given a variety so that there are options for you to choose what works best for you at home.

Read Write Inc are kindly doing live daily phonics sessions. They are at certain times depending on which sounds you would like to practise. We suggest either Set 2 or Set 3 sounds. Find the link here: RWI Phonics

You can still access Joe Wicks’ daily PE videos at 9 am each morning: Joe Wicks Daily PE

Ongoing Daily Activities

  • Read for at least 20 minutes a day. This can be their school reading book or a book from home.
  • Have stories read to them.
  • Read or spell some key words.
  • Practise naming the letters of the alphabet and sing the alphabet song (capital and lower case).
  • Threading/Play dough/Cutting/Colouring/Painting
  • Phonicsplay Obb and Bob (Click: Phase 5 – Revise all Phase 5):
  • Phonicsbloom – Phase 5 or 6 (Especially useful if phonicsplay is not working for you)
  • Practise writing sentences about a story they know. When writing, please remind them to use full stops, capital letters, neat handwriting and finger spaces.
  • Practise counting from 0-100 (forwards and backwards)
  • Practise counting in 2’s and 5’s
  • Numbots (login is in the back of the reading log)
  • Name some 2D and 3D shapes
  • One more and one less than a number
  • Sing a number bonds song
  • Hit the button (number bonds to 20):


Today we are focusing on our spelling sounds for the week. The words we are looking at this week are:







Use these slides for ideas on how to practise spelling these words at home: Spelling Slides

Here are the activities outlined in the spelling slides if you would like to complete them: Spelling Activities


Today we will be learning about how to represent numbers to 50 in different ways. Can you think of a number to 50 and use objects in your house to represent it? You could build lego towers again if you have some or use something else.








How could you represent that number using a drawing? Is it quicker and easier to draw 25 toys or group them into tens and ones? You could draw some tens frames, dienes or even bundles of straws! 

There is a sheet that you could have a go at afterwards here: Maths Weds 25th March

On the bottom of the sheet are some digit cards. You could print and cut these out and have a go at recognising the numbers and then making them out of objects or drawing a representation. For example: Looking at the digit card 25 – ‘I know this is twenty five because there are 2 tens and 5 ones’.


PE: We have thought of a range of PE activities for you to choose from today.

  • Continue practising your kicking skills in your garden. Remember to stop the ball by placing your foot on top and make sure you are kicking with the ball with the inside of your foot. Practise passing the ball to someone at home.
  • If you have a skipping rope, revisit the skipping skills that you learnt last term and practise skipping in your garden. How many skips can you do in a row?
  • Join in with Joe Wicks’ workout for kids here: JW Workout
  • Have a go at a Cosmic Kids yoga session here: Yoga – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt