Year R – Friday 1st May

Good Morning Parrots, Puffins and Penguins!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today is our last day exploring castles.  I wonder, can you guess where we’ll end up next on our Hot Air Ballooning adventure?  You’ll have to wait until Monday to see if you were right.

There is a new home worship here to share with your families.

You’ve worked really hard again this week – well done!  We are blown away by the wonderful work and creations you are sending in each day and we are very proud of you all. 

Have a great weekend!

From The Year R Team 

blankThis week we go up, up and away to explore… Castlesblank

English – 


Today’s activity is playing some games to practise your rhyming skills. Sign in to Phonics Play for free: Username: march20 Password: home. The game is called Cake Bake. Click here to play. Having trouble with the link? – Log in first then try again or log in and then paste this into your browser address bar:

How To Play and Tips from Phonics Play:

  • Choose a starting word. A picture of this starting word will appear on a mixing bowl. Click on the picture to hear the word spoken. Encourage your child to say this word out loud and listen to the way it sounds.
  • Above the bowl are pictures of six other words. Again click on the pictures to hear the words spoken. Encourage them to say one of the words and then say the word on the bowl again. Ask them if they think the two words rhyme or not.
  • When they have found a word that they think rhymes, drag it into the bowl. If they are right, the ingredient will be added and stirred into the cake mix. If they are wrong, they will have to try again. There are three rhyming words to find. When they have all been found the cake will be baked.
  • Encourage your child to say the words out loud and keep repeating the word on the bowl. For some children it can help to say a list of words that all rhyme before saying the word they are checking. e.g. crown, down, town, frown or crown, down, town, moth
  • Some children may find it very difficult to identify rhyming words. They will need to hear lots of rhyming words before they will be able to identify them independently. Some children may just need to drag the pictures into the bowl on a trial and error basis to help them figure out which words are correct and which are not.
  • Read a lot of rhyming books. As children become more familiar with them, stop before the rhyming words and encourage children to add the word in themselves (or suggest possible alternatives).
  • Sing lots of rhyming songs and chants and encourage children to make up their own.

If you enjoyed that actvity or would like a go at some more rhyming games, you can find three different rhyming games here: 

Rhyming with –ug:

Matching activity sheet:

Maths – Numberblock 14


Numberblock 14 was super excited that he was made up of lucky double 7. Can you use blocks/animals to explore number doubles?

What is double 2?

Double 3?

Double 4?

Double 6?

Double 7?

Remember that a double is the same number added together, so to find double 2 you have to do 2 +2.  Can you say the phrase when you find out “Double 2 is 4”. There is a PowerPoint below to help you with your learning.

If you have a board game with a dice (like snakes and ladders), maybe you could play it with your grown up? But when you roll the dice, you have to double the number, then you get to move that number of spaces. So it you roll a 3, you double it and get to move 6! I wonder who will win? Have fun. Click here to download a printable Snakes and Ladders game.

Build a castle

Read the poem ‘My Castle’ (see below)

Can you build or make a picture of a castle? You could:

  • Draw a chalk picture of a castle on the patio
  • Paint a picture of a castle
  • Make a model of a castle with junk and the decorate or paint it
  • Make a picture of a castle using cut out pieces of coloured paper (triangles, rectangles, squares)
  • Build a castle using a construction set e.g. Duplo, Lego, Mega Bloks etc 

It’s up to you! We look forward to looking at your creations on Tapestry.


This week’s optional activities…

Here are some videos you might like to share together.

Video Resources

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Have a wonderful weekend!